PhD Graduates

The Monash Paramedicine is committed to developing the next generation of paramedic PhD scholars, professionalising paramedic care, and building capacity for paramedic researchers internationally. We are committed to pursuing knowledge through research to
help develop contemporary paramedic best-practice nationally and internationally.

The following past students have been associated with our Department or supervised by staff from our Department.

GraduandYearThesis Title
Talal Mamdouh AlShammari2019The Development of Empirically Based
Core Competencies for Emergency Medical
Services in Saudi Arabia
Pieter Francsois Fouche2019Rapid Sequence Intubation in Out-of-Hospital Non-Traumatic Brain injuries.
Mitchell Sarkies2019Translating Health Service Research intoPractice: Weekend Allied Health Hospital Service Provision
Susan Irvine2018Exploration of Self-Regulatory Behaviours of Near-Peer teachers: A Social Cognitive Perspective
Suryanto Suryanto2018Exploring Prehospital Care in Indonesia
Simon Sawyer2018The paramedic response to intimate partner violence
Linda Ross2018Investigating the psychosocial issues impacting older people in the out-of-hospital environment, and building the awareness and capacity of paramedic graduates to recognise and address these issues.
Judith O'Halloran2017Ascertaining the capacity for interpersonal understanding of potential and practicing doctors
Waleed Alshehri2017Workplace violence in the emergency department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ala’a Oteir2017The Pre-Hospital Management of Suspected Spinal Cord Injury and its Association with Patient Outcomes
Abdulellah Al Thobaity2016Exploring disaster nursing core competencies and roles in Saudi Arabia.
Shane Costello2016Person-centred psychometrics and cognitive style: Moving from variables to a person-centred approach
Bill Lord2011Factors affecting paramedics' assessment and judgement about pain
Erin Smith2009Paramedic perception of risk and willingness to work during disasters: a qualitative and quantitative analysis
Malcolm Boyle2009Trauma triage and error identification in prehospital trauma management
Leanne Boyd2009What is the utility, feasibility, propriety and accuracy of the health promotion
Amee Morgans2006Patient decision making in prehospital health emergencies

Previous Research Graduates

Dr Ziad Nehme

Ziad commenced his academic studies with DCEHPP in 2004, completing the Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic). After gaining a taste for research he went on to undertake a Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic)(Honours) at DCEHPP in 2007. Ziad is now a paramedic and a NHMRC Early Career Fellow with expertise in prehospital emergency care and cardiac arrest research. He holds appointments as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Research and Evaluation, Ambulance Victoria; Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Department of Community Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice, DCEHPP and Research Fellow at the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.  Ziad has over 10 years’ experience as an advanced life support paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, and is the Ambulance representative to the Australian Resuscitation Council (Victoria).

Dr Abdulellah AlThobaity

Abdulellah selected Monash University for his PhD as it has an excellent reputation globally, and it is very well-known in his home country of Saudi Arabia. Monash is ranked very high amongst the world’s universities for paramedic and emergency health research. When selecting a University, the availability of supervisors who are experts in the field of prehospital disaster was of prime importance to Abdulellah.On graduation Abdulellah commented that his experience at Monash University had been one of the best and most rewarding times of his life. These experiences included learning from outstanding supervisors who are experts in different types of research methodologies and who provide endless help and support for international students. Also, Monash provided research students with a series of training courses covering research essentials: how to make publications, and completing research with high integrity. Abdulellah is excited to take all the experiences that he gained from Monash University and put them into practice in his professional context in Saudi Arabia.

Dr Shane Costello

Shane interests are primarily drawn from the study of individual differences (personality and cognitive abilities). This area of research seeks to further our understanding about people, who they are, how they differ from each other and why they do what they do. In addition, Shane was particularly interested in the study of psychometrics, or measurement science, which relates to the design, construction, validation, and evaluation of psychological instruments. He also maintains interests in trauma for emergency services workers and aviation human factors and he uses the learnings from his research in his current role as a Lecturer at Monash University.

Paramedicine PhD Graduates

Dr Simon Sawyer

Simon began working as an Ambulance Officer in 2010 and qualified as an Advanced Life Support paramedic in 2013. He has worked extensively in a rural setting, including single responding. Simon maintains his authority to practice working on road in South West Victoria. Simon joined the DCEHPP as a lecturer in 2016 and has focused on building an engaging foundational program for the first year students. Simon coordinates two clinical units for the first year students.Simon completed his PhD in 2018 on the paramedic response to intimate partner violence. His research interests include training healthcare sectors respond to family violence, paramedic wellbeing and building a resilient paramedic workforce.

Simon’s thesis: The paramedic response to intimate partner violence

Dr Linda Ross

Linda is the Deputy Head of the Department of Community Emergency Health & Paramedic Practice and leads the Undergraduate Program. She practiced as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria for 15 years before becoming a full time academic in 2012. Since joining DCEHPP she has completed a Master’s of Health Professional Education investigating establishing rapport with patients, and most recently a PhD investigating the psychosocial needs of older people and developing paramedic awareness of these issues. She is predominantly involved in educational research with interests and experience including interpersonal communication, service learning, clinical placements, and care of older adults. Linda is also actively involved in facilitating and fostering paramedic led research and events via her roles as a HRD supervisor and position on the ANZCP Research Committee.

Linda’s thesis: Investigating the psychosocial issues impacting older people in the out-of-hospital environment, and building the awareness and capacity of paramedic graduates to recognise and address these issues.

Dr Ala’a Oteir

Ala'a is a passionate academic, researcher, paramedic and physiotherapist. Ala’a is from Jordan, and moved to Australia to commence his PhD, receiving a scholarship from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST). His research interest focused on the use of prehospital spinal immobilisation and its association with patient outcomes. During his PhD Ala’a published in the top prehospital emergency journals and presented at several international conferences. One of his papers was selected in the top three papers in the Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2015. Ala’a was actively involved in teaching and research with DCEHPP including teaching research units, participating in practical tutorials, and assessing students in theoretical and practical exams. It is noteworthy that Ala’a is the first paramedic with a PhD degree in Jordan. He is now back in Jordan, re-joined JUST, and is aiming to use his teaching and research experience to improve the paramedics program at JUST as well as the paramedic profession, education and research in Jordan and the Middle East.

Ala’a thesis: The Pre-Hospital Management of Suspected Spinal Cord Injury and its Association with Patient Outcomes.

Talal AlShammari

Talal has worked in the field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for over 16 Years. His experience includes managing EMS departments, providing clinical care in and out of hospital and coordinating disaster management. Talal holds a Bachelor of Health Science Paramedic, Master of Paramedical Science (Critical Care) and a PhD from the Department Paramedicine at Monash University. His research interests involve paramedic competency and tertiary education. Talal has had an amazing opportunity to learn and apply the best standards of paramedic lead research at the Department Paramedicine. He was able to write his thesis, publish several well read and cited studies, present at international conferences and finish his PhD in 3 years. Currently, Talal is an assistant professor and deputy department head of Emergency Medical Care at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia.


Talal's Thesis: The development of empirically based core competencies for EMS bachelor’s degree graduates in Saudi Arabia.

Pieter Francsois Fouche

I am a full-time paramedic and work in a small rural town in New South Wales. I am a PhD candidate with DCEHPP since 2014 and am investigating rapid sequence intubation (RSI) in non-traumatic brain pathologies. I also have an interest in investigating the value of observational research designs in answering clinical questions.


Pieter's Thesis: Rapid Sequence Intubation in Out-of-Hospital Non-Traumatic Brain injuries.

Ahmad Alrawashdeh

I have worked in the health care for 10 years as a critical care nurse and a paramedic educator. I have interest in clinical research focusing on the outcome of patients with cardiovascular emergencies. My PhD research project aims on identifying factors associating with EMS delay and diagnostic performance in ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) which help to assure timely recognition and access to reperfusion treatment.


Ahmad's Thesis: Emergency medical services delay and diagnostic performance in ST-elevation myocardial infarction