Head of Department

Prof Brett Williams

Undergraduate Staff

Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles - Senior Lecturer/Director of Research

Dr Cameron Gosling - Lecturer (Head of Undergraduate Programs)

Dr Simon Sawyer - Lecturer

Craig Taylor - Lecturer

Brian Haskins - Lecturer

Brendan Shannon - Lecturer

Priya Reddy - Lecturer

Quinch Wong - Lecturer

Jessica Lacey - Lecturer

Caroline D'Aquino - Lecturer

Postgraduate Staff

Dr Linda Ross - (Head of Postgraduate Programs and Deputy Head of Department)

Dr Tim Gray – Lecturer

Mr Rod Mason - Lecturer

MFB First Responder Program

Jess Molhuysen - Lecturer

Adjunct Staff

Dr John Moloney - Adjunct Associate Professor

David Page - Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Kate Cantwell - Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Ian Patrick - Adjunct Associate Professor

Alexander Olaussen - Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Karen Smith - Adjunct Professor

Ala'a Oteir - Adjunct Lecturer

Ziad Nehme - Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Mick Stephenson - Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Osama A Samarkandi - Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Professor Peter O’Meara - Adjunct Professor

Dr Paul Jennings - Adjunct Associate Professor

Alan Eade - Adjunct Associate Professor

Ben Meadley - Adjunct Lecturer

Bill Lord - Associate Professor

Dr Talal AlShammari - Adjunct Lecturer

Administrative Staff

Ms Holly Whittaker - P.A. to Head of Department