Associate Professor Prue Morgan

Head of Department

PhD, MAppSci (Research), BAppSc (Physio), GradDipNeuroscience,


Researcher Profile


Associate Professor Morgan is the Head of Department, Physiotherapy, School of Primary Health Care.


  • 2017 Winston Churchill Fellowship
  • 2017 SPAHC Academic Excellence Team Award
  • 2014 Teaching Excellence Award (Innovation), SPHC Education Committee
  • Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist, Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapy
  • APA titled Neurological physiotherapist


  • Fellow, Australian College of Physiotherapy
  • National Neurology Group, Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Neurological Professional Standards Committee Member
  • Council of Physiotherapy Deans Australia New Zealand

External engagement

  • Lifespan Care committee member, American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
  • Dietitians’ Association of Australia:  Health professional education and training representative
  • Member of Accreditation panel, Australian Physiotherapy Council
  • Consultant, Occupational English Test, Cambridge Box Hill Language Assessment

Teaching responsibility/activities

  • Course convenor, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (hons)
  • Neurological stream leader, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (hons)
  • PTY2042 Co-Unit coordinator (24CP) - lecturer, CBL tutor, practical tutor
  • 3rd year coordinator

Areas of research

  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Falls prevention
  • Developmental disability - adults with cerebral palsy
  • Motor skill acquisition (neurophysiological and clinical correlates)
  • Graduate competencies in neurological physiotherapy

Current projects

  • Falls and balance dysfunction in adults ageing with cerebral palsy
  • Workforce development within the NDIS
  • Evaluating clinical skill teaching methods in undergraduate physiotherapy

Research and Publications

See online research profile here