Dr Ross Iles

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), Postgraduate Diploma of Work disability Prevention, PhD

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Prior to joining the Monash Department of Physiotherapy I was a  lecturer and year level coordinator in the Department of Physiotherapy  at La Trobe University for nearly five years. In this role I taught into  all levels of the Bachelor program, in particular the 1st year Physiotherapy Skills subject and the 4th year Evidence Based Practice and Professional Practice subjects.

Here at Monash my role is focused on the 1st year of the  physiotherapy program in coordinating and teaching into the two first  year subjects. As musculoskeletal stream leader I am also responsible  for ensuring that the musculoskeletal content of the course provides the  best possible preparation for our students heading out into clinical  placement in later years of the program.

My clinical experience extends across private  practice physiotherapy and home visit physiotherapy, with a particular  musculoskeletal focus.

To date my research has covered a range of topics,  including investigating the evidence-based practice behaviours of  physiotherapists and determining the effectiveness of a case management  intervention in a return to work environment. My PhD examined the role  of recovery expectations in low back pain, and investigated a telephone  based health coaching intervention for people with low recovery  expectations. I aim to extend my research in this field to investigate  recovery expectations in other conditions and the effectiveness of  different communication styles across a range of clinical settings.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • PTY1011 unit coordinator
  • PTY1022 unit coordinator
  • Musculoskeletal stream leader

Research Interests

Research interests include predictors of poor outcome in low back  pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. In particular the role of  recovery expectations as not only a screening tool for a range of  conditions, but also the influence of expectations in return to usual  activity levels. Further interests include the application of  motivational interviewing and health coaching principles in health  consultations to improve outcomes across a range of conditions. Another  area of research interest is in the field of work disability prevention,  particularly interventions that can improve work-related outcomes for  all stakeholders.


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  • D.M. Myers University Medal2004
  • Awarded to the outstanding graduate in the Faculty of Health Sciences at La Trobe University
  • Australian Postgraduate Award2006 - 2007 - Scholarship to assist completion of postgraduate study.