Physiotherapy Student testimonials

Hear from Madelaine Rose Haggett, awarded a Faculty Student Award for  exemplifying qualities of outstanding leadership and citizenship throughout the Physiotherapy course, and what it is like to receive a student award.

Zoré Kiyaninejad

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

For Zoré, Physiotherapy wasn’t the end goal. “First I chose Physio because I was aiming to do Medicine and I thought I could do Physiotherapy and then apply for the GAMSAT,” she explains. But after spending a few semesters in the course, she started to really enjoy it and decided to continue pursuing it. “I found out that as a physio I get to work with the patient for longer periods and get to know them as a person,” she highlights.

Zoré has enjoyed the opportunity to complete practical work from the very start of her degree. “In anatomy classes you work with cadavers to understand the human body and in physio labs you learn in a mock-clinic environment, assessing patients and responding to scenarios. This is incredibly useful, as the practical teaching elements make the theoretical components easier to learn”, Zoré explains.

Monash University structures their Physiotherapy degree differently to most other places which Zoré has benefited from. Each semester focusses on a different part of the human body and all of the separate units relate to one another by teaching content pertaining to that specific area.

Zoré explains that the Physiotherapy faculty at Monash also offers additional weekly classes to help students refine their practical skills. “The uni provides extra practical classes every week, for an hour or two. You can go in on your own time and practice, under the supervision of a teacher who is there to help if you need it,” says Zoré.

On top of this, Monash also hosts an additional, non-compulsory clinical communication support program for Physiotherapy students wanting to better their communication skills before going on placement.

Monash’s focus on practical application has meant that Zoré has already learnt so much. As a result, she has been able to find herself work in the industry as a hydrotherapy assistant, physiotherapy assistant and receptionist, as well as a sports trainer at different football clubs. “Even now that I’m still studying, I can do multiple different jobs with the knowledge I have so far, which is cool,” she says.

JosiahJosiah Crispin

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Physiotherapy combines my love for science, working with people, and physical activity.

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body.

Monash was an easy choice because I’d heard such good things about the course.

The small cohort of students I’ve studied with have become like a big family and I have really enjoyed being taught by passionate people who are leaders in their respective fields.

The course has opened my eyes to the large scope of practice and the various streams of physiotherapy work. I’m really looking forward to starting placements and putting into practice what I have learned and getting some more real world experience.

CharlotteCharlotte Powell Wright

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

It has been inspiring to learn from the lecturers and tutors at Monash -- physiotherapists who are passionate about what they do and experts in their fields. The staff are supportive, friendly and studying feels like a collaboration between staff and students, rather than a traditional lecturing style.

I've had the opportunity to complete placements at nearly every major hospital network in Melbourne. One of my highlights was working in an emergency department, gaining insight into how physiotherapists independently manage acute presentations of fractures. The skills I gained throughout this placement have helped me manage, triage and diagnose injuries in my job as a sports trainer for a local football team.

I'm looking forward to beginning my career in a hospital. My placements have given me the skills, exposure and confidence in my abilities to know that a hospital environment will be the perfect place for my personal and professional development as a new graduate.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Studying Physiotherapy was the best decision I ever made. The course is well designed to bring all of the relevant information together; making it easy to learn and grow in to the best Physiotherapist's possible. The hands-on nature of the course allows students to apply the knowledge in real-life scenarios and develop the required clinical skills.

Being a part of the "Physio Family" has created an engaging and supportive learning environment, where help and care is always available when needed."


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Physiotherapy is an exciting course that offers a structured academic program with an emphasis on practical application, as well as unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The passionate and experienced staff challenge and inspire your best, providing an unparalleled quality of education and an incredible sense of personal accomplishment.

The Peninsula campus has exceptional facilities and resources, as well as a great energy and friendly atmosphere. The variety of experiences and the great people are what make being a part of the course so rewarding.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

I have always aspired to become a Physiotherapist. I am fascinated with the way the body works, and being able to apply it to improve the quality of life of patients excites me.
The course also provides opportunities for students who wish to further exceed in their studies. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Advanced Research stream, which allows me to conduct my own study and write a thesis. It is great research experience.
The course is preparing me to become the most skilful and knowledgeable physiotherapist I can possibly be.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

The Physiotherapy course is immersive, challenging and rewarding. The course has cemented a nurturing and fun learning environment that is brought forward by a practical and hands on teaching style. Fundamental lessons and skills are taught by established professionals, of who are already professional physiotherapists, building on a patient focussed approach. The course is fast and challenging, where strong relationships and bonds are made.

The Physiotherapy course is a fascinating and enjoyable course.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

As I reflect back upon my time so far as a physiotherapy student, I can confidently say that I have flourished as a person and learnt more than I ever have before. The course not only teaches you the ins and outs of the human body, but also provides you with an opportunity to build confidence and develop a unique set of life skills. The physiotherapy students are a tight knit group, like a family, which also gives you a great opportunity to make some long lasting friendships.

My advice to anyone interested in studying this course, is to work hard and aim big, as the outcomes are so rewarding.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Being one of the students that has come from a non-sporting background, it was great to learn that Physiotherapists are able to cater for a large spectrum of people.

In the course, we learn many different aspects of physiotherapy, including musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and neurology. Many of the teaching staff are practising physiotherapists, so if you are lucky, they may share a story or two of their experiences.

The course is challenging, but if you are willing to invest time and effort, you will gain a lot. Not to mention there are plenty of social activities.