Ms Kristal Lee

BRadMedImag (Hons)


Telephone: +61 3 9905 1631


Kristal graduated from Monash University with first-class honours in the Bachelor of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences degree in 2006.  Kristal completed her Professional Clinical Placement at the Austin Hospital and has been working there as a qualified Radiographer since her graduation from Monash University. In 2010 she was appointed to a Grade 2 position and since then has also fulfilled Grade 4 Tutor Radiographer and Grade 3 Generals Supervisor positions when required.  Her clinical training and experience include CT, Angiography, Fluoroscopy and Mammography, and she is currently completing her BreastScreen Accreditation.

Kristal has been teaching in the Department of Medical Imaging at Monash University since 2009. She began as a sessional tutor and in 2011 she commenced the part-time role of Assistant Lecturer, whilst still continuing her clinical work at the Austin Hospital. She has taught first and second year students in a range of areas including Radiographic Pathology, Radiographic Positioning and Critique, Digital Subtraction Angiography, Fluoroscopy, and Manual Handling Training.

Her research involvements include her fourth year research project which was conducted with supervisor Dr Russell Horney involving the ‘circle-PLUS method’ for precision measurements from CT images, for which research at Monash University is still continuing. In 2011 she was a participant in Jonathan McConnell’s PhD research into Role Extensions for Radiographers. Kristal is currently undertaking research at the Austin Hospital in conjunction with the Royal Children’s Hospital regarding dose monitoring of paediatric CT scans.