Key Features of the Clinical Experience of the Monash Program

Clinical experience is a structured component of the undergraduate course that is given direction through the use of learning contracts, portfolios and the novice to expert model of clinical skill development. The entire program acknowledges the 3 "R"s of clinical education:

Responsibility – on the part of the university, student & supervising radiographers that certain learning objectives will be achieved - accountability

Recognition – by all concerned with the process of the rights of the student as a learner & a beginning practitioner and the rights of the patient to be informed

Reflection – by the student and radiographer thinking about why I am doing what I am doing "in action" and after the action (student) and thinking about my performance (student) & thinking about how my instructional and supervisory techniques & method of feedback is affecting student learning (radiographer)

Students undertake blocks of clinical experience of between 4 and 5 weeks in each semester of each year of the course. Strong emphasis is placed upon integrating the academic units studied on campus with aspects of clinical practice designated for study during the clinical rotation. Each rotation students complete Learning Contracts for the Development of Clinical Competence in particular aspects of radiographic practice depending upon the year level. Workbooks requiring students to write reflective case reports and log entries together with Clinical Skills' Assessments based upon the novice to expert model of clinical skill development, provide evidence of successful completion of the contract's. As well, the completion of Professional Development Contracts & Self Assessment Exercises Action Plans facilitate the development of generic professional skills the role of the radiographer in the wider clinical setting.

As part of its commitment to Quality Clinical Education, the department produces and provides a manual and explanatory materials for radiographers involved in the clinical education of students. The department has produced a video – Supporting the Beginning Radiographer, which has been distributed to all clinical departments associated with the course. The department also convenes regular clinical workshops for radiographers.