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Master of Radiation Therapy

I’ve always had an interest in the functionality of the body and wanted to work with technology and patients. This led me to study the Master of Radiation Therapy, as I felt it combined all my interests.

The placements in this course were a huge highlight for me. Being able to apply what I had learnt at university directly into a clinical setting to help patients was and continues to be very gratifying. Placements really allow you to be part of the team and experience what it’s like to work as a qualified radiation therapist on a daily basis. It really solidified my passion for this profession.

Everything you learn is directly transferable into the real world. It’s a dynamic and informative course that really leads to a rewarding career, and you have the opportunity to work within an industry that’s always evolving and making an impact in the lives of patients and their families.



Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging

My favourite part about the course was the clinical placements. I had the opportunity to learn from a range of clinical sites, from major trauma hospitals to private clinics, from suburban to rural public hospitals.The best part was meeting and interacting with a variety of patients and learning from highly experienced radiographers and other medical professionals. I even got a chance to be involved in several major trauma cases and surgeries.”

My favourite part about the course was the clinical placements. I had the opportunity to learn from a range of clinical sites, from major trauma hospitals to private clinics, from suburban to rural public hospitals.

The best part was meeting and interacting with a variety of patients and learning from highly experienced radiographers and other medical professionals. I even got a chance to be involved in several major trauma cases and surgeries.”



Bachelor of Radiation Sciences

When it came to choosing the best course for her, Aliesha narrowed her focus to radiation science and the possibilities this industry could offer her. “Cancer research is a huge industry and growing, and something I was very interested in. I felt that radiation had more options open to me, not just limited to being a radiation therapist, but to further study in MRI or CT, or go into research.”

Now in her second year of the course, Aliesha has enjoyed building a solid foundation in health science and engaging with other health students, which will benefit her future career – regardless of the direction she takes. Looking to gain some additional radiation experience outside the classroom, Aliesha successfully applied for a Peter Mac research internship, where she had the opportunity to work alongside researchers and clinicians. As part of this, she also completed her own research project on radiation therapy graduate education and had the opportunity to present her research to the Peter Mac graduate program team.

“I learnt an incredible amount on the internship, in my understanding of cancer itself, as well as the roles of each profession involved in cancer treatment. It was incredible to see how much everyone is working together to get to that end goal of intrinsically understanding cancer and how to treat it.”

This internship also gave Aliesha a unique insight to life as a radiation therapist, when she shadowed staff at Peter Mac. “It very much changed my understanding of the profession and I have a much greater understanding and respect for what they do. There’s a lot of problem solving involved and it requires the utmost precision and care.” Looking beyond her degree, Aliesha hopes to explore a career in cancer treatment research.


Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

Having the lives of patients placed in your hands, as well as having the passion to help those who need it the most, makes a radiographer’s job a noble one. I’ve never doubted my decision to study this course.

Monash prepares graduates to be innovative global thinkers, and my degree equips me with skills that I’ll keep for life. I’m confident that no matter where I start my career, I will be able to adapt and contribute professionally as part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. I have really enjoyed clinical placements, where I get to apply my theoretical knowledge in a proper clinical setting. In a case where a two-minute chest x-ray could be a life changing event, being the “eyes of the doctors” becomes an important job.

Being able to speak to radiographers with decades of experience is eye-opening. I get to hear their inspirational radiography journey through the advancement of medical imaging technology, and sense the passion and dedication in their voices.



Bachelor of Radiations Sciences

Sean was drawn to the Bachelor of Radiation Sciences degree as it would allow him to combine his interests in science and healthcare and have a rewarding career after graduation. The opportunities to do placement was also “a huge positive”.Learning alongside students from other health science streams and having guest lecturers from different parts of the healthcare system has allowed Sean to gain diverse perspectives on health challenges and issues.“Having lecturers or tutors who try to keep the material interesting really helps my learning, and makes me enjoy going to classes and lectures”.

Having started to explore the latest research and treatments in radiation therapy in his studies, Sean looks forward to putting this into practice with placement and gaining hands on experience in the field. “This course has plenty of opportunities to network and gain extra insights if you want to.”After completing the course, Sean plans on applying to the Master of Radiation Therapy course, which will qualify him as a radiation therapist and hopes to go on to “work inside a radiotherapy center in a major hospital or treatment center and help people in their fight against cancer.”


Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours) 

After fifteen years as a small-animal veterinarian, Rebecca was keen for a change so started the journey to her second career studying the Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging Honours). Rebecca has relished the opportunity of being a student again.

“I love the camaraderie in my year level” she explains, “we always help each other out when needed.” She’s also appreciated that the radiography students are set-up to think of themselves as future professionals. “We have daily reminders of what will be expected of us in the real world.

”With clinical placements starting from the first semester of her course, Rebecca has already had the opportunity to experience life as a radiographer in different settings. After her first placement in a small rural hospital, Bec continued in a private hospital in Melbourne’s inner city. “The pace there was intense, but the staff amazingly supportive and I gained a heap of experience.

One thing that has been a surprise is the terrific patients I have had the privilege to work with - they have been fascinating.” Working hard the second time around is already paying off for Rebecca, who was recently recognised with two prizes for her academic excellence. Excited by the ongoing advances in medical imaging, she hopes to take her radiography career to Hobart after graduating, and later specialise in one imaging area.


Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

I have always been interested in the medical field, and for me Radiography is the perfect balance of science and medicine, as it gives you the opportunity to be hands on and have contact with patients on a daily basis. In the course, students undertake clinical placements each semester - starting in semester one of the first year. So far, I’ve completed eight placement blocks - all at different clinical sites.

Not only does this provide a genuine insight into what life will be like when qualified, it also allows us to work alongside industry partners and form professional relationships. I recently finished a six-month paid clinical rotation as part of my final year, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that go hand-in-hand with being an employee of a large public hospital.

I was also fortunate enough to represent Monash at an international competition held in Taichung, Taiwan. This incredible experience enabled me to put the knowledge I gained at university into practice, all whilst meeting radiography students from all over the world and getting the opportunity to explore a new country.


Master of Medical Ultrasound

Ian initially qualified and worked as a medical imaging technologist before moving to a professional role as Business Manager for Ultrasound (Australia-New Zealand) – a role that opened up a rare opportunity to be involved in the Commonwealth Games.

“I was responsible for negotiating and managing the exclusive use of medical imaging equipment at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. The role required engaging with a range of stakeholders and was great opportunity to work with key imaging professionals, as well as contribute to the Games.” With an opportunity to return to a clinical role, Ian undertook the Master of Medical Ultrasound in 2013 to build on his ultrasound knowledge and nurture new skills not developed in other university programs but “useful and desirable within healthcare”.

The decision proved to be the right one, and tapped into his growing interest in research. Ian’s research project won the Australian Sonographers Association (ASA) Award for best Monash University project, as well as Best Research Presentation at the 2016 ASA National Conference. Since graduating Ian has expanded his clinical ultrasound skills as a senior sonographer at Monash Health Diagnostic Imaging and MIA Victoria, and is also involved in clinical teaching. He says patient interaction is what brings him the most satisfaction.

“In very short window of time we are able to question and learn about a patient’s injury or condition.  This time gives an opportunity for empathy, understanding or even an explanation about the ultrasound outcomes.” Having completed the Master of Medical Ultrasound will help bring Ian closer to his goal, having boosted his research capacities. “The skills I gained give me confidence in reading and evaluating relevant research papers in the workplace. I now look for other prospective research projects or ongoing researchers to partner with.”

Overseas student experiences

London, UK
I was provided with the opportunity to complete a placement overseas at the University College London Hospital. The placement gave me a unique experience and improved my understanding of how radiotherapy practice differs between the UK and Australia. I was able to see first-hand the different roles radiation therapists play in the Multidisciplinary Team in other countries. I was then able to bring these experiences into my clinical practice in Australia to further improve the care I am able to deliver to my patients. The placement gave me a more holistic approach to my practice, drawing on unique knowledge to ensure the care I provide is of the highest quality. This experience provided me with a unique individual clinical portfolio of knowledge I have been able to draw on as both a student and now as a qualified Radiation Therapist.
Georgina Cheah

Georgina Cheale


Undertaking an overseas clinical placement in 2018 was one of the most valuable and memorable learning opportunities I have had so far throughout my studies. I gained an abundance of new anatomical and radiographic knowledge from my time spent at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and was able to put all the clinical skills I have learnt here in Australia into place. I had the opportunity to learn new skills, step out of my comfort zone and achieve personal goals I set for myself before departing. Completing an overseas placement was a truly enriching experience and I would recommend it to all radiography students to consider embarking on.

Sabrina Lewicki

Sabrina Lewicki

We were fortunate to travel to Scotland in 2017 for clinical placement, where we were able to experience first-hand all that the NHS has to offer. From working in paediatric wards and theatre, and even watching a post-mortem examination throughout the week, to visiting the Scottish Highlands and Royal Mile on the weekend - we were provided with so many opportunities to grow and learn as students. It was an unforgettable experience that has been the highlight of our time at Monash University.

Georgia Parry & Gabrielle Ramsay

Warrington, UK

Completing an overseas placement was an experience that I will never forget, being able to connect with likeminded radiographers and students was something that both improved my skills and gave me great connections internationally. The experience not only taught me about my radiography skills, but helped me to grow as a person, and really solidified that I had chosen the right career for me.

Bonnie Adams

Tel Aviv, Israel

Participating in an overseas placement at the Soursky medical centre in Tel Aviv, Israel allowed the development of my communication skills as well as my ability to adapt to a new professional environment. I had the opportunity of engaging with and learning imaging techniques from radiographers. I was able to gain valuable clinical experiences interacting with those of a Middle Eastern culture while travelling during the beautiful Israeli summer. This experience has greatly aided in professional and personal growth, enhancing my independence and interpersonal communication skills.

Emily Klooger