Departmental publications


2019 Publications

  1. Dimmock, M., Iles, L., O'Donnell, C., Farrell, M., Julka, C., Bassed, R., Regional measurements of radio-density in the right atrium do not show differences between salt-water or fresh-water drowned or control decedents, Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging, 16 (2019) 19-23
  2. Liao A, Seeram E. Enterprise Imaging: The Next Frontier in Healthcare Technology–A Literature Review. Radiology Open Journal. 2019;3(1):4-11.

2018 Publications

  1. Oh A, Williams I, Hodgson, Y. Radiography students’ preferences regarding assessment and feedback. Focus on Health Professional Education: A Multi-Professional Journal. 2018;19(3):23-39.
  2. Dissanayaka, T.D., Zohgi, M., Farrell, M., Egan, G., Jaberzadeh, S., Methods for determination of motor threshold, in S. Jaberzadeh (ed.) A Closer Look at Motor-Evoked Potential, Nova Science Publishers, (2018)
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  4. Dissanayaka, T.D., Zoghi, M., Farrell, M.J., Egan, G.E., Jaberzadeh, S., Sham transcranial electrical stimulation and its effect on corticospinal excitability: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Reviews in the Neurosciences, 29(2) (2018) 223-232
  5. Biabani, M., Farrell, M.J., Egan, G.E., Zoghi, M., Jaberzadeh, S., Crossover design in transcranial direct current stimulation studies on motor learning: Potential pitfalls and difficulties in interpretation of findings, Reviews in the Neurosciences, 29(4) (2018) 463-473
  6. Dissanayaka, T.D., Zoghi, M., Egan, G.E., Farrell, M.J., Jaberzadeh, S., Comparison of Rossini–Rothwell and adaptive threshold-hunting methods on the stability of TMS induced motor evoked potentials amplitudes, Journal of Neuroscience Research 96(11) (2018) 1758-1765
  7. Sung, S., Vijiaratnam, N., Chan, D.W.C., Farrell, M., Evans, A.H., Parkinson disease: A systematic review of pain sensitivities and its association with clinical pain and response to dopaminergic stimulation, Journal of the Neurological Sciences, 395 (2018) 172-206
  8. Dimmock, M., Iles, L., O'Donnell, C., Farrell, M., Julka, C., Bassed, R., Regional measurements of radio-density in the right atrium do not show differences between salt-water or fresh-water drowned or control decedents, Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging, 16 (2019) 19-23
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  11. Jackson JE, Anderson NJ, Rolfo M, Wada M, Schneider M, Poulsen M, Fahandej M, Huynh A, Lee ST, Lim Joon D. 18F-FDG metabolic tumor volume: Association with short- and long-term feeding tube use in head and neck IMRT. Dysphagia 2018 in press
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2017 Publications

  1. Farrell MJ, Cole LJ. Central pathophysiology of dementia and pain, in S. Lautenbacher, S.J. Gibson, (eds.) Pain in Dementia, IASP Press, Seattle, (2017) 55-70.
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2016 Publications

1.     Ang, EC, Roberston, AF, Malara, FA, O'Shea, T, Roebert, JD, Schneider, ME & Rotstein, AH 2016, 'Diagnostic accuracy of 3-T magnetic resonance imaging with 3D T1 VIBE versus computer tomography in pars stress fracture of the lumbar spine' Skeletal Radiology, vol 45, no. 11, pp. 1533-1540. DOI: 10.1007/s00256-016-2475-7

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2015 Publications

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