Projects on offer


Projects are available at several clinical sites. Currently, there is an emphasis on molecular imaging of lung, breast and prostate cancer using PET and PET/CT  with a range of novel radiotracers, as well as respiratory gated PET/CT and factors affecting motion of tumours during radiation therapy. Project are currently carried out at PeterMcCallum Cancer Institute, The Austin Hospital (Olivia Newton John Centre) and Monash Medical Centre. Investigators: Prof Rodney Hicks, Dr Michael LimJoon, Dr Daryl LimJoon, Richard Oates, Prof Tomas Kron, Prof Vincent Khoo, Dr Mori Wada, Daniel Pham, Drew Smith, Dr James Jackson, Sylvia Van Dyk, Jason Callaghan, Nigel Anderson, Dr Farshad Faroudi, Dr Kellie Knight, A/Prof Michal Schneider

Musculo-skeletal Imaging

Sports injuries:A variety of projects are available with focus on tendon injury and repair, including rehabilitation using stem cell therapy. In collaboration with Imaging @ Olympic Park . Investigators: A/Prof David Connell, Chin Chin Ooi, & A/Prof Michal Schneider

CT and MRI for the assessment of the hip. In collaboration with The Avenue Hospital. Investigators: Dr Stephen Lee, David Robinson, Dr Paul Marks, A/Prof Michal Schneider

Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Paediatrics

Cranial ultrasound of the newborn: Knowledge, safety and training
This project has NHMRC funding and is a collaboration between our department and Monash Medical Centre, Royal Childrens' Hospital, The Mercy Hopsital and Townsville Hospital. Investigators: A/Prof Michal Schneider, Dr Flora Wong, Prof Marilyn Baird, Prof Michael Ditchfield, Dr Andrew Watkins, Cain Brockely, Peter Coombs, Sonia Brennan, Dr Virginia Sexton, Dr Padma Rao, Assema Lalzad, Nabita Singh (RA)

Effects of prematurity on cardiac and renal structure and function in the sheep: An ultrasound study
In collaboration with the Dept of Anatomy and Developmental Biology & Monash Institute of Medical Research. Investigators: Prof Jane Black, Dr Graeme Polglase, Mr Paul Lombardo, A/Prof Michal Schneider.

Cardiac Imaging

320-MDCT for imaging cardiac pathologies. In collaboration with Diagnostic Imaging, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton. Investigators: Dr John Troupis, A/Prof Michal Schneider.


Professionalism (Fitness to Practise) among medical imaging professionals. Investigators: A/Prof M Baird, Ms C Wright, A/Prof Michal Schneider & Prof B Jolly

Burnout among medical imaging professionals. In collaboration with the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA. A/Prof M Baird, Ms C Wright & A/Prof M Schneider

Radiographer role extension. Investigators: Jonathan McConnell, Prof Marilyn Baird

New Technology

Development of targeted contrast agents for ultrasound. In collaboration with CSRIO and Swinburne University, Parkville. Investigators: Dr J Scoble, Dr R Manasseh, Brian Lee & A/Prof M Schneider


Assessment, curriculum design, clinical education, outcomes focused education, program evaluation. Investigators: Prof Marilyn Baird, Ms Cynthia Cowling, Ms Lori Boyd, Kevin Chuang, Sai Geok

Imaging Physics

Precision measurement of objects from their CT images. In collaboration with School of Physics, Monash University. Investigators: Dr R Horney & Dr I Svalbe.

Advanced collimator and detector as well as novel approached to image formation and processing for PET, SPECT and CT.  This work is undertaken in collaboration with the Australian Synchrotron and CSIRO.  Investigators: Dr M Dimmock.

Monash Biomedical Imaging Centre

MRI-based clinical trials. Investigator: Prof Gary Egan

Synchrotron Imaging

In collaboration with the Centre for Synchrotron Science,  Monash University, Investigator: Dr Chris Hall

Brain Imaging Research

MRI tractography. In collaboration with the Brain Research Institute (Howard Florey Institute). Investigators: Shawna Farquharson, Prof Graeme Jackson, Prof Allan Connelly, A/Prof Michal Schneider

For further information please contact the Research Director:
A/Prof Michal Schneider
Ph:03 99051348