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Director of Research,
Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles

Director of Research, Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles

The school includes the Paramedicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences and has a presence across south-eastern Victoria, with departments located at Peninsula, Clayton and Caulfield.

To ensure research efficiencies in research management and policy across each campus, the School developed the Research Committee comprising of experienced researchers, departmental research coordinators and early career researchers across each of the six Departments. The goals of the Research Committee are:

1. To advise the School of Primary and Allied Health Care Executive Committee on matter relating to research and research training, including policy, strategy and planning.

2. To oversee and advise on the implementation of the research relevant aspects of the Monash, Faculty and School strategic plans –and, in particular, where it relates to research activities including, training, capacity building, grant and publication success and research promotion and marketing.

3. To improve and develop research capacity across the School.


The Research Committee is a sub-committee of the School of Primary and Allied Health Care Executive Committee.

Committee Members

Dr Kelly-Ann Bowles (Chair), Prof John Dixon, Prof Ellie Fossey, Prof Terry Haines, A/Prof Shapour Jaberzadeh, Dr Suzanne Nielsen, Prof Rosemary Sheehan, Prof Aron Shlonsky, Prof Keith Hill, Dr Matthew Dimmock, Dr Katrina Long, A/Prof Cylie Williams, Dr Cathryn Flynn, Dr Luke Perraton.