IMPACT - Project 1 – Scoping and mapping innovations

Project 1:

Scoping the innovations: A review of academic and grey literature relating to organizational innovations to improve CBPHC access

Lead Investigators: Jean-Frederic Levesque, Pierre Pluye, Jane Gunn, Benjamin Crabtree

Purpose: 1) identify currently implemented organisational innovations in CBPHC to improve access for vulnerable populations; 2) develop of typology of innovations to better understand the organisational characteristics that these innovations aim at modifying.

This project will provide an understanding of the breadth of current innovative practices in CBPHC access (scoping report), propose a typology of PHC innovations (across various dimensions) that is useful to researchers and knowledge users, and provide case studies of innovations providing an understanding of the contextual elements related to their implementation. It will also provide a preliminary assessment of the potential for impact for each innovation based on their apparent breadth of population reach and effectiveness.

Scanning the world’s best innovations to improving access

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