IMPACT - Project 3 - Context and improving access

Project 3:

Mixed-method analysis of currently existing population based surveys

Project Leads: Jean-Frederic Levesque, Virginia Lewis, Erin Strumpf

Purpose: This project aims to: 1) reanalyse quantitative data from international, national and selected provincial/state level surveys; 2) study the association of access to CBPHC and vulnerability to identify jurisdictions that have had success in dealing with this issue and organisational innovations that might be associated with access. Our scoping and syntheses of the literature (Projects 1 and 2) will allow us to generate hypotheses about the organisational innovations that might be associated with access to CBPHC for vulnerable populations. This project will generate key contextual factors likely to influence access-related innovations.

Project 3 will provide context information to refine the typology developed in Project 1. The team will have gained a comprehensive understanding of context influences of access innovations, and will be ready to pilot and implement innovations, part of Project 4, in each LIP.