IMPACT - Project 4 - Trialling evidence based access innovations

Project 4:

A mixed-method evaluation of the impact of organisational innovations to improve access for vulnerable populations

Project Leads: Mark Harris, Grant Russell, Simone Dahrouge, Jeannie Haggerty

Purpose: This project aims to: 1) pilot an intervention model in the LIPs; 2) evaluate the intervention model developed in with our partners. This project will involve both quantitative and qualitative methods to address these specific research questions.

  1. How effective and efficient are locally adapted system level innovations in CBPHC in:
  • improving vulnerable populations perceived accessibility to CBPHC services;
  • reducing avoidable use of hospital Emergency Departments and hospitalisation by vulnerable populations?
  1. What are the costs in implementing this model, where do these occur and how does this compare with the potential savings in terms of reduced demand on hospitals?

Project 4 will provide a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the feasibility of the implementation of intervention model in a range of local areas, its impact on quality of care and hospital use and economic evaluation of the costs and benefits.