MoDERN Staff

Assoc. Prof. Lisa O'Brien

Director of Research, School of Primary & Allied Health Care

Research Interests: Hand and upper limb rehabilitation; burden of injury; health services research; patient adherence; 3D printing and assistive technology for people with hand differences.

Assoc. Prof. Rachael McDonald

Research interests: Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Seating and positioning, Complex Disability, Health inequalities, development and evaluation of online learning, health services research, universal design and adaptive and assistive technologies

Professor Terry Haines

Research interests: Prevention of accidental falls by older adults, Decision making in health care, Innovative research designs, Research driven by health professionals, Health services research

Dr  Peter New

Dr Peter New works as the Head of Rehabilitation at Monash Health and the Head of the Spinal Rehabilitation Unit, Caulfield Hospital, Alfred Health. He is very active in neurological rehabilitation research, particularly involving patients with non-traumatic spinal cord myelopathy and stroke.

Assoc. Prof. Prue Morgan

Prue is an experienced physiotherapy clinician and academic with expertise in both neurological clinical practice, and physiotherapy educational research. After more than 20 years in senior clinical neurophysiotherapy roles, she joined Monash University Physiotherapy Department in 2006 as the Neurology Stream Leader and has steadily expanded her research in areas of complex neurological disability, neurological practice competency of new graduates and optimising practical skill training in physiotherapy. Of particular research  interest is falls and mobility dysfunction in adults with cerebral palsy (her PhD thesis), a topic that she has published widely on and presented at national and international conferences.

Dr  Christine Migliorini

Research interests: Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychotherapy, Depression, Mental Health, Resilience, Stress, Counseling Psychology

Ms  Linda Barclay

Research Interests: Adult rehabilitation, social and community participation following spinal cord injury; assistive technology for people with severe physical disability, interdisciplinary education.

Ms  Libby Callaway

Research Interests: Living with an acquired brain and spinal cord injury, models of housing and support for people with acquired neurological disabilities, home automation and communication technologies, measuring social and economic participation, the Community Integration Questionnaire-Revised, occupational based practices.

Dr Narelle Warren

Dr Warren’s research explores the social and cultural experiences of a range of chronic conditions, with particular focus on neurological conditions: stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injury. She has previously conducted research across a diverse range of substantive health problems, including amputation, mental illness, reproductive and gynaecological health conditions, obesity and middle ageing. Her research is qualitative and ethnographic in approach, and she undertakes significant short course teaching in this area.

Dr Jane Tracy

Dr Jane Tracy works at the Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria, School of Primary and Allied Health Care, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University. Jane was appointed to the position of Director of the Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria in July 2013 and prior to that was the Centre's Education Director from 1998 – 2013.

Associate Professor Kate Tregloan

Kate Tregloan is a registered Architect, and brings design thinking and experience to collaborative interdisciplinary research projects. Research outcomes include interactive, educative tools for practitioners, stakeholders and educators. She is passionate about supporting and informing practice and learning for professionals, including designers and architects.

Research outcomes include the internationally award-winning RIPL Post Occupancy Evaluation framework developed with longstanding colleagues from Monash and elsewhere. A VR gamespace, MyHomeSpace, funded through the Department of Social Services has been developed to support decisions around the design of space, technology and support for people with disability.

Dr Susan Waller

Dr Susan Waller is Senior Lecturer in Interprofessional Education at the Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health (MUDRIH) Susan is responsible for interprofessional collaboration leadership through coordination of the development, delivery and evaluation of interprofessional education and practice programs across the School of Rural Health and Gippsland health services.

Ms Rebecca Wood