SPAHC Research Festival 2020

Building multidisciplinary teams

The Primary and Allied Health Care Research Festival fosters collaboration between different departments and research centers within our school by building multidisciplinary teams and giving our ECRs and HDR students the chance to shine in a supportive environment.

On Tuesday 13th October the School of Primary and Allied Health Care held their annual research festival via Zoom. The festival activities included:

  • Departmental and Centre research showcase, sharing research with a multidisciplinary focus
  • Early Career Researcher (ECR) and Higher Degree Research (HDR) student poster presentations (see below for more detail)
  • Poster awards
  • Keynote speaker

The event was a great success due to the involvement and engagement of staff and students from across all areas of the School.

The detailed program can be downloaded here.

Recordings of the event can be viewed below:

2020 SPAHC Poster Presentations

Early Career Researchers (ECR) and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students participated in the School Poster Presentation competition.

Although not a registrant in the competition, Head of School, Professor Terry Haines was keen to learn how to develop a video presentation using the new School poster template so he could share in the experience of preparing for this part of the event (see his poster presentation here).

The 2020 Poster Presentation winner was Dr Areni Altun (General Practice) for her poster presentation titled Exploring the health-seeking behaviours of women of a refugee background living with chronic pain.

Abubakar Abubakar (MIRS, HDR student)

Behavioral and regional brain responses to inhalation of capsaicin modified by painful conditioning in humans

Areni Altun (General Practice, HDR student)

Exploring the health-seeking behaviours of women of a refugee background living with chronic pain

Jodie Dakic (Physiotherapy, HDR student)

The impact of pelvic floor dysfunction on exercise in women

Briana Farrugia (MIRS, HDR student)

A prospective trial of personalized selection of Breath-hold technique for Upper-abdominal Radiotherapy - Deep-Inspiration, Inspiration or Expiration (BURDIE)

MacGregor Hall (Physiotherapy, HDR student)

Pain induced changes in brain oxyhemoglobin: a systematic review and meta-analysis of functional NIRS studies

Katrina Long (SPAHC, Early Career Researcher)

Emergency department visits by aged care residents with limited English proficiency: a mixed-methods examination

Marcelo Maghidman (Social Work, Early Career Researcher)

The use of OSCE to assess and train AOD practitioners

Ben Meadley (Paramedicine, HDR student)

Cardiometablic health and physical activity in graduate paramedics

Pallavi Prathivadi (General Practice, HDR student)

Survey of Australian GP opioid prescribing practices

Abubakar Salihu (Physiotherapy, HDR student)

Effect of cognitive task complexity on dual task postural stability in healthy young adults: A systematic review of literature

Yulisna Sari (RAIL, HDR student)

Effectiveness of exercise programs for older people with dementia

Drew Smith (MIRS, HDR student)

Early FDG-PET-based assessment of response in Anal Cancer using manual and semi-automatic methods

Nikos Thomacos (Occupational Therapy, Early Career Researcher)

Relationships, retirement, & loneliness