Emeritus Professor Thea Brown

Emeritus Professor

Email: thea.brown@monash.edu

Telephone: +61 3 9903 1139
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Emeritus Professor  Thea Brown was appointed as Professor of Social Work in 1988, serving as  Head of the Department, the Director of International Programs and Deputy  Head and now Professor, Research.   Prior to this she worked as a  social work manager in health services in NSW, in health and local government  in Victoria, and as an academic in Social Work at Melbourne University.

She has had a long interest in social work education.  At Monash she  established the first Distance Education Degree in Social Work internationally,  the on campus and distance education coursework MSW and the BSW and MSW degrees  accredited both in Australia and in Singapore and delivered in Singapore.   She has written for and edited the Australian journal "Advances in Social  Work and Welfare Education"; she has undertaken accreditation of undergraduate  and post graduate Social Work courses including those in Hong Kong and  Malaysia;  she has contributed to international conferences on Social Work  Education. 
Her most  recent research focus has been on separating parents and their children, on  family violence and parental separation and divorce and on services supporting  separating parents.  She has served on a number of governmental committees  in the family law policy area.  Her work has been published in Australian  journals, Children Australia, Family Matters, Trends and Issues in Criminology  and overseas journals, Social Services Journal (Singapore), Child Abuse Review,  (UK), Kinder Mishandling, (the Netherlands), Family Court Review, (USA) and  Child Abuse and Neglect: the International Journal (USA).  Her most recent  book publications are a chapter in "New Interventions in Child Abuse and  Domestic Violence" edited by Catherine Humphreys and Nicky Stanley,  Jessica Kingsley, 2005, and her book co-authored with Renata Alexander,  "Child Abuse and Family Law", Allen and Unwin, 2007.

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