Dr Catherine Flynn

Co-Director - Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Program

PhD, Practice Teaching Award, Post Grad Cert in Psychotherapeutic Studies, BSW (Hons)

Email: catherine.flynn@monash.edu

Telephone: +61 3 9903 2731


Catherine works in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University as a Senior Lecturer; she teaches Social Work Research in post-graduate courses. Her research affiliation is with the Criminal Justice Research Consortium (CJRC).

Catherine completed her doctoral study examining the impact of maternal incarceration on adolescents in 2009.This has led to broader ARC funded research examining the care planning needs and experiences of children when their primary carer is incarcerated. Catherine continues to be actively engaged in a range of collaborative research project.  Recent research includes: examining women's experiences exiting from prison in Victoria; investigating children's visiting programs in prisons; and describing preparedness for placement for social work students in Papua New Guinea.

Before joining the Social Work Department at Monash, Catherine worked in direct practice for ten years sharing her time between Australia and Northern Ireland. Her direct practice experiences and interests includ: casework with young people at risk' and in contact with the juvenile justice system; young parents and family violence.  Her recent books include, a co-authored text Research in social work and social care (with Assoc. Prof. Fiona McDermott);  co-editing of Children of Prisoners (Law in context) with Dr. Anna Eriksson (Criminology - Monash University) and co-editing of Imprisoned Fathers: responding to a growing concern (Child care in Practice) with Dr. Michelle Butler (Criminology - Queens University Belfast). She is currently working with colleagues at Monash and Melbourne universities on a text examining co-production in the criminal justice sector.


Research for social work practice


Completed supervision

Tess Bartlett (2019) – Fatherhood and imprisonment in Australia.

Alannah Burgess (2016) ‘The invisible barrier’: Mental illness as a mediator of mothers’ participation in the Victorian Criminal Justice System. Winner of the SPAHC Best thesis award 2016.

Paula Fernandez Arias (2016) ‘We only meet in the lift’ An Examination of Australian Multiculturalism through the Resettlement Experiences of African Refugees. Winner of the SPAHC Leon Piterman Award 2016 (Awarded for outstanding research which addresses the health and wellbeing of a disadvantaged group).

Dunstan Lawihin – Master of Social Work Research (2017) - Building a culturally relevant social work curriculum in Papua New Guinea: connecting the local and global in field education.

Current PhD supervision:

Steven Roche - The use of institutional care as a child protection approach in the Philippines.

Lana Battaglia - International social work graduates experiences of transitioning into practice

Hui-Yu Yao - Becoming social workers:  development of professional identity in international social work students.


Flynn, C: Evaluation of the Parenting Inside Out program – Marngoneet.  Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety – Corrections Victoria: $73,388.87. Approved. (2019)

Lee, A, Flynn, C & Yu, M-L. International students in allied health: preparation for fieldwork education.  SPAHC seeding grant $5000 (2019).

Sheehan, R, Trotter, C, Flynn, C & Naylor, B: Women exiting prison: addressing their needs. Victorian Department of Justice: $250,000 (2011-2013)

Trotter, C, Flynn, C, Naylor, B, Collier, P, Baker, D, McAuley, K & Eriksson, A:  The impact of incarceration on children’s care:  a strategic framework for good care planning. Australian Research Council – Linkage Grant (ARC LP110100084): $401,188 (2011-2014)

Trotter, C & Flynn, C:  Corrections Victoria - Literature review into best practice for women prisoners and offenders: $18,000 (2015)

Trotter, C, Flynn, C, Evans, P, Pereira & Bidstrup, C:  Corrections Victoria - Court Assessment and Prosecutions Service - Staff evaluation: $31,980.00 (2017)

Trotter, C, Flynn, C & Sheehan, R: Corrections Victoria - Evaluation of children’s visiting services - SHINE for Kids interviews: $ 35,178.00 (2017)

Select Publications

Bartlett, T., Flynn, C.A. & Trotter, C. (2018). They didn’t even let me say goodbye”: a study of imprisoned primary carer fathers’ care planning for children at the point of arrest in Victoria, Australia.  Child Care in Practice. 24, 2, pp. 115-130.

Battaglia, L. & Flynn, C. (2019). A Review of Research about the Transition from Student Social Worker to Practitioner: Exploring Diversity, Accepted for publication in Journal of Social Work.

Battaglia, L., Flynn, C. & Brown, G. (2018). International Students Engaged in Australian Social Work Study: An Exploratory Study. Advances in Social Work and Welfare Education, 20(2): 47 – 62.

De’Ath, S., Flynn, C.A. & Field-Pimm, M. (2018). Building knowledge of consumer participation in criminal justice in Australia: a case study. International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy. 7, 1, pp. 76 - 90.

Flynn, C.A. & Butler, M. (2018). Imprisoned fathers - responding to children. Child Care in Practice. 24, 2, pp. 111 - 114.

Flynn, C.A., Van Dyke, N. & Gelb, K. (2017). Intergenerational offending : the case for exploring resistance.  Probation Journal, 61 (2): 176-191.

Lawihin, D., Flynn, C.A. & Kamasua, J.K. (2017). Social workers without borders: challenges to building partnerships.  Learning from  PNG/Australian social work education relationship.  Pacific Dynamics. 1, 2, pp. 220 - 231.

Roche, S. & Flynn, C. (2018). Geographical inequity in social work research: a snapshot of research publications from the global south. International Social Work, doi.org/10.1177/0020872818797999.

Rose, C. & Flynn, C. (2017). Animating social work research findings: a case study of research dissemination to benefit marginalised young people. Visual Communication, 17 (1): 25 -46.

Trotter, C.J., Flynn, C.A. & Baidawi, S. (2017). The impact of parental incarceration on children’s care: identifying good practice principles from the perspective of imprisoned primary carer parents, Child and Family Social Work, 22 (2): 952-962.

Books/Book Chapters

Eriksson, A. & Flynn, C. (Eds.). (2015). Children of Prisoners, Law in Context, 32. Sydney: Federation Press. ISBN 9781862879959.

Flynn, C.A. & Butler, M. (Eds.). (2018). Imprisoned Fathers - Responding to a Growing Concern. Child Care in Practice. 24, 2.  (Also published by Routledge as part of the Special Issues as Books collection, April 2019,  ISBN 13: 978-0-367-19467-3)

Flynn, C.A. & McDermott, F. (2016). Doing Research in Social Work and Social Care. The Journey from Student to Researcher Practitioner, Sage, London.

Book chapters

Brown, G., Petrakis, M., Flynn, C., Saunders, B., Mendes, P. & Dragic, M. (2015). Social justice, respect and professional integrity: The social work discipline and profession as a place of congruence for working class academics. In D. Michell, J.Z. Wilson, H. Brook & V. Archer (Eds.). Bread and Roses: Voices of Australian Academics from the Working Class. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Flynn, C.A. & Eriksson, A. (2017). ‘Children of Prisoners’ in Sarre, R. and Deckert, A. (Eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Australian and New Zealand Criminology, Crime and Justice, Palgrave-Macmillan.

Flynn, C.A., Lawihin, D. & Kamasua, J.K. (2016). Aspirations and realities in delivering field education in a developing country context: learning from Papua New Guinea, in I. Taylor, M. Bogo, M. Lefevre & B. Teater (eds.) Routledge International Handbook of Social Work Education, Taylor and Francis, UK.

Flynn, C. & Saunders, V. (2015). Research with children of prisoners: bringing them in from the margins.  In S. Bastien & H.-B. Holmarsdottir (Eds.) Youth at the margins: experiences from engaging youth in research worldwide (pp. 219-240).  Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

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