Dr Marcelo Maghidman

PhD Phil, MPhil, MSW, BPhil, DipCouns

E: Marcelo.Maghidman@monash.edu
T: +61 3 9903 4321


Marcelo is currently a tutor, unit co-coordinator and placement liaison in the Social Work Department, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University.

Marcelo has been an academic, consultant and counsellor for over 20 years. His Master Dissertation has been awarded a grant and published. Marcelo has other 5 books published in the fields of Philosophy and Education, and also has produced a video-documentary on Education. Marcelo runs a successful private practice for more than 20 years dedicated to mental health with particular interest in drug and alcohol and ageing population.


(SWM5102) Critical Social Work 1 – Frameworks for Practice with Children and Families, and Social Work Fields of Practice

(SWM5220) Longevity and Social Work

(SWM5100) Social Work: Fields of Practice

(SWM5113) Critical Social Work 3: Group Work and Social Work Leadership

Select Publications

Maghidman, M 2019, Mosseh Rephael d’ Aguilar: the origins of Jewish Literature in Portuguese in Dutch Brazil, doctoral thesis, Sao Paulo, University of Sao Paulo.

Books/Book Chapters

Bologna, JEB, Maghidman, M & Melman, J 2015. No Abismo do Vão. ETHOS DHO, São Paulo. (Video Documentary about Education and Human Development):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0EnwsbxvPEEqYZF-aTBSQ

Maghidman, M 2014. Sêfer Yetsiráh: a Natureza da Linguagem na Criação do Mundo através do Alfabeto Hebraico. Editora Annablume/FAPESP, São Paulo. (Sefer Yetsirah: Nature of Language in the Creation of the World through the Hebrew Alphabet).

Maghidman, M 2014. Formação de Coordenadores Pedagógicos: Editora Saraiva, São Paulo. (Training of pedagogical coordinators).

Maghidman, M 2007. A sala de Matrículas: Editora Saraiva, São Paulo. (Sales and enrolment process in private schools).

Maghidman, M 2005 Filosofia para Ensino Médio 3 Volumes. Editora Universitário, São Paulo. (Philosophy for High School in 3 Volumes).

Marcelo Maghidman Research