Dr Melissa Petrakis

Senior Lecturer; Course Coordinator BHS (Human Services);

Group Director, Social Work Innovation, Transformation and Collaboration in Health (SWITCH) Research Group

PhD, BA, BSW, MSW Research

Email: melissa.petrakis@monash.edu

Telephone : +61 3 9903 4497

Melissa Petrakis Research: Monash University Research


Dr Melissa Petrakis is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University, Department of Social Work. She has worked in mental health services for over 20 years, as a clinician then practice-based researcher. She has authored over 50 publications; delivered over 80 national/international conference presentations. She is Chief Investigator of a 10-year longitudinal study into evidence-based early psychosis treatment, with St Vincent's Hospital (Melbourne). In 2016 she was awarded The Tom Trauer Evaluation and Research Award, Australian and New Zealand TheMHS Awards, acknowledging excellence in her approach to research, championing co-design, co-production and co-authorship, with clinicians and people with lived experience of mental illness.

Dr Petrakis' career focus in research is to achieve excellence in mental health services research. She has a particular emphasis on the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP), conducting practice-based research (PBR), and the fostering of practitioner-researcher opportunities for skilled clinicians. She is actively engaged in supporting lived experience voices in research, and in co-production with emerging consumer and carer researchers.


Unit Coordination:

SWM5104 - Critical social work 2: Frameworks for practice in health and mental health

SWM5241 - Mental health practice

SWK4401 - Critical social work 4: Individual, health and society (context and practice)


Family Burden and Social Support in Mental Illness: A Comparative Study in Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders

Josy Thomas, PhD awarded 2018

Family Intervention in Early Psychosis

Katharine (Kate) Day, MSW (Research) awarded 2019

Self-as-mother: the role of a relational self in the development and support of maternal identity and wellbeing in the early years of parenting

Lauren Hansen, PhD awarded 2019

Cultural Humility Training in Mental Health Service Provision

Mayio Konidaris, PhD candidate

How does viewing material on common humanity impact on healthcare workers' level of compassion?

Deborah (Debbie) Ling, PhD candidate

Dual diagnosis interventions in mental health community support services: Outcomes from a national trial to enhance skills in direct practice staff

Kevan Myers, PhD candidate

Opportunities for change: What factors influence non-traditional students to enrol in higher education

Deanna McCall, MPhil candidate

Breaking Bad News on Social Media: an exploratory study of the implications of the use of social networking sites in the trauma hospital environment

Margaret (Margi) Cowgill, PhD candidate

The development and implementation of evidence-based treatments (EBTs) in dual diagnosis practice

Simon Kroes, MPhil candidate

Enhancing LGBTIQ+ Responsiveness in Mental Health Services

Jan Kilicaslan, PhD candidate


Family violence recovery project

Petrakis, M.

1/06/17 → 31/05/18

Project: Research

Mental health peer workforce supervision research project

Petrakis, M.

12/04/17 → 12/04/18

Project: Research

Multicultural Support Facilitation research project

Petrakis, M.

11/04/17 → 1/12/17

Project: Research

Dual Diagnosis Capacity Building Research and Evaluation project

Petrakis, M.

31/03/17 → 31/07/18

Project: Research

Severe and persistent mental illness information resource project

Petrakis, M.

17/09/14 → 17/06/15

Project: Research

Chinese Community Mental Health Engagement & Stigma Reduction Project

Petrakis, M.

26/08/14 → 20/08/16

Project: Research

Select Publications

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Consumer measures and research co-production: A pilot study evaluating the recovery orientation of a mental health program collaboration.

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Books/Book Chapters

A foundation for dual diagnosis practice: wisdom, tools and resources.

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