Naomi Godden

Dr. Naomi Joy Godden

Research Fellow


Dr. Naomi  Joy Godden BSW (Hons) (Monash 2008), BA (Monash 2008), PhD (Monash 2015), is a  Research Fellow in the Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability Research  Unit at the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Medicine at Monash  University. She is currently researching the effect of climate change on rural  women’s wellbeing, empowerment and agency. Her research interests include  gender analysis, gender and climate change, activism for social and  environmental justice, social policy analysis, and feminist participatory  action research methodology. She completed her PhD, ‘The love ethic in  international rural community work’, in the GLASS Research Unit. Naomi has  represented GLASS in international fora including the United Nations Commission  on the Status of Women and the United Nations Open Working Group to develop the  Sustainable Development Goals. Naomi is also part of an international research  consortium exploring non-market valuation of loss and damage under climate  change.
Prior to  commencing as a Research Fellow at Monash, Naomi worked in rural community  development, social justice and environmental activism, and feminist  participatory research in international and Australian not-for- profit  organisations. She has 15 years of community development and social research  experience in Australia and internationally in areas such as gender justice,  Aboriginal family violence prevention, youth development, education advocacy,  poverty alleviation, homelessness and affordable housing, sexual exploitation  of women, environmental activism and the gendered impacts of climate change.  She has social research experience in rural Australia, Peru, United States,  Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea, India, Bangladesh, the Lao  People’s Democratic Republic and China.
In addition  to her research work, Naomi is involved in numerous social and environmental  justice activist collectives. She is also a social commentator on rural social  justice and environment issues, and has participated in over two hundred radio,  print and television interviews.

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