What we offer

Areas of research

Our students are engaged in research in a range of social work related areas (as you can see by our graduate stories, including:

The Higher Degree by Research Program

The Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Program offers candidates the opportunity to both develop evidence-based research that promotes knowledge to enrich social work education and community debate, and improve public policy and related practice. The HDR program is built on both independent and collaborative research activity. This together with more general social work research by Social Work's academic staff aims to examine contributions to developing more effective and equitable responses where there is social disadvantage, and understanding how structural and individual factors affect societal functioning and social capital. Research in Social Work partners with government and non-government community service providers and other policy bodies to provide program evaluation, advice and advocacy and offer community comment, conference presentations, and other key contributions.

The HDR program in Social Work typically has between 20 - 30 students enrolled in PhD or MPhil programs in any given year, with students enrolled either a full-time or part-time basis. It is common in social work and across the School of Primary and Allied Health Care for students to be part-time as they are engaged in direct/clinical practice.  We have a cohort that is diverse in terms of interest area, theoretical and methodological orientation, and educational background

HDR conferences

A core part of our successful program are the biannual, two-day Social Work Postgraduate conferences, held in February and June/July each year. These conferences are one of the ways we facilitate Monash University attendance requirements: ‘throughout enrolment, all students must regularly attend their academic unit and participate fully in the intellectual and research activities of the unit’. They provide students with a range of learning and development opportunities including: peer contact and exchange; exposure to Monash professional and academic staff; discipline specific research training (some of which is accredited as part of the required hours of professional development training in the Monash Doctoral Program); undertaking, and participating as an audience member in required milestone presentations; as well as hearing about research activity in the Department.