SPP - Field Education: Documents & Forms for Agencies and Staff

Documents & Forms for Agencies and Staff

Helpful Information

Australian Association of Social Workers Course Accreditation and  StandardsAASW Code of Ethics
AASW Practice Standards
AASW Education & Accreditation Minimum  Standards (ASWEAS 2012)

Useful reading – Monash specific Field Education Documents

Supervised  Professional Practice, Field Education Manual - 2017
Supervised  Professional Practice FAQsSupervised Presentation 2017
FMNS Clinical Fieldwork Placement Handbook 2017

General  Placement Information

Insurance Coverage  and DocumentsStudent  Personal Accident Insurance Certificate of CurrencyIf you require a Certificate of Endorsement for a  Social Work student attending field education placement, please send your  request to fieldeducation@monash.edu.

Documents and Forms for Agencies

Information Sheet for Agencies
Information Sheet for Agency Task Supervisors
OH&S  Checklist
Proposed Placement Offer  and Consent Form
How to use the LAARStudent Timesheet Excel

Documents and Forms for Social Work Educators

Information Sheet for Social Work Educators
Supervision Guidelines  
How to use the LAAR

Documents and Forms for University Contact (Liasion)

Information Sheet for University Contact

University Contact information slides
University Contact summary sheet
Record of Mid-Placement  meeting