Welcome to the GLASS Website

Dedicated to research and reform on gender issues across the globe.

As a leader, academic and women’s advocate I have always aspired to create a research space where talented women from a diverse range of settings and experiences could work together to bring about greater gender equity for women and girls through research, advocacy and sound policy advice. This website is our communication hub for this work and our progress.

The GLASS research unit has built a broad but critical gender based research agenda investigating diverse issues such as climate change, violence against women, leadership and social sustainability. 
The depth of the team’s experience and the nature of our mission mean we are well placed to provide insight and leadership on both the contemporary and emerging issues for women.
On this site you will find a range of information on GLASS and the latest research and progress towards building a more equitable world for women for and girls across the globe.

You can link to our research partners and read my weekly blog on contemporary women’s issues both here and abroad. I encourage you to join in the global conversation on women’s equality through our twitter and face book pages consider joining GLASS through our coveted research scholarships and PhD programs.

I firmly believe that together we can make a difference to women’s equality and I look forward to sharing our wins along the way!

Professor Margaret Alston OAM
Director GLASS Research Unit

About us

The Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability (GLASS) Research Unit is located within the Department of Social Work in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University.

The GLASS Research Unit works under the direction of Professor Margaret Alston and is over sighted by an advisory board comprised of prominent Australians. GLASS undertakes high-quality, interdisciplinary research focusing on gender, leadership and social sustainability.

GLASS builds on its research record to engage constructively in policy debates. GLASS members have extensive expertise in gender analysis, social research and pursue a broad research agenda including: gender and climate change, violence against women, women and leadership and social sustainability.

GLASS is also a high quality learning environment - providing postgraduate research degrees for talented students from a variety of sectors and non-traditional pathways to postgraduate research in particular for, women and those from non-academic organizations, who have a wealth of experience to contribute to gender research. GLASS

Our Beginning

The GLASS research Unit was established in December 2008. GLASS has since grown and expanded in both size and reputation.

Under the Direction of Professor Margaret Alston (OAM), GLASS is comprised of seven primary researchers and 14 talented PhD students who all share a passion for gender analysis, social policy and research. As an interdisciplinary unit, the GLASS team comes from a range of academic and professional disciplines including social work, sociology, education, psychology, public
health, agriculture, business and architecture.

The breadth of the team’s experience is a core strength of the Unit – allowing us to work with equal effectiveness across different sectors and levels of influence from a remote community in Bangladesh or public hospital in country NSW to the United Nations in New York or the corporate boardrooms of the big five banks.

Our Vision, Purpose and Values

GLASS Vision: The realisation of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Purpose: GLASS is working to enable women’s participation and leadership opportunities within society to achieve gender equality, social and ecological sustainability and the empowerment of women and girls. GLASS will do this through relevant and collaborative research, leading to informed, high quality contributions to research literature, social dialogue and policy.

GLASS Values:

  • Equality
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Human rights
  • Social justice
  • Climate justice
  • Ethical research

We aim to achieve global gender equity in ways that enable and empower women and girls to lead socially sustainable change.

The GLASS Research Unit undertakes high quality independent research to inform best practice policy development and encourage debate and activism for change.

Prior to the emergence of the GLASS Research Unit, there was a dearth of scholarship on gender, leadership and social sustainability, in ways that recognized the interdependence of these domains and adequately accounted for their place in the Australian and international social context.

GLASS fills a critical gap in research based gender advocacy and policy development.

Our Research

Research is the backbone of  the GLASS Research unit’s success.

Through our funded research projects, strong partnerships and high calibre PhD Student Projects, GLASS is able to contribute to both contemporary and emerging areas of research in gender and equity.

GLASS Contributes to Research in four core areas of  interest

  • Gender and climate change
  • Violence against women
  • Leadership
  • Social Sustainability

GLASS is currently undertaking research in both Australia and abroad 

Our Future

Over the next five years, The GLASS Research Unit will undertake an ambitious research and development agenda with a focus on progressing policy change across our core research and advocacy portfolios. Women’s Leadership, Violence Against Women, Gendered Effects of Climate Change and Building Socially Sustainable Communities .

Our five year business plan will see GLASS increase our presence and profile in the public sphere – taking on larger scale, high profile projects in partnership with prominent Australian organizations from business, the community sector and health.