Our People

The GLASS Research Unit is comprised of high calibre researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines.

GLASS members have strong links to business and community connections  within their portfolio specialty as well as expertise in gender analysis and policy review.  They bring a range of research interests and experience including:  gender and climate change;  women’s health;  violence against women;  women and trafficking;   equal opportunity and affirmative action;  work place equity and sustainability of rural communities.
Research Staff Profiles

A critical part of the GLASS remit is the development of female research talent for the future.  GLASS is committed to providing learning excellence and support for women by providing alternative (non-traditional) pathways to post-graduate research degrees.  We draw our talent from a variety of settings including people from non-government and community organisations who have a wealth of experience and expertise to contribute to our research and policy endeavours.

Our talented pool of PhD students leave GLASS not only with their doctorate in an area of research we identify as critical to gender based social policy and reform, but with strong leadership potential, a varied, multi-discipline education and the resilience, fortitude and innovative mindset to effect real change.