Research Projects and Grants

Attorney-General's Family Violence and Family Law Research Grant

Professor Thea Brown won a grant from the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department in April 2009. The research is to be conducted between members of the Well Being of Children Following Parental Separation and Divorce Research Consortium and the Hawke Research Insitute Uni SA with the aim of exploring how families with past or current experiences of family violence are managing in the new socio-legal family law services system following the changes introduced by the 2006 family law legislation. Professor Thea Brown and Associate Professor Dale Bagshaw (Uni SA) are co-directors of the project for the tender of $300,000. The project will run for one year.

ARC Discovery Grant

Associate Professor Rosemary Sheehan has been awarded, with Professor Allan Borowski (LaTrobe University) an ARC Discovery Grant 2009-10 for a national study of Australia's Children's Courts, entitled: Challenges, possibilities and future directions: a national assessment of Australia's Children's Courts ($580,000)

Monash Strategic Grants

Dr Ralph Hampson in the area of aged care :“A stakeholder-driven approach to development of a core allied health outcome dataset in adult and aged rehabilitation services”. ($48,000) 

Professor Margaret Alston to continue her work on the social impacts in the Murray Darling Basin area and communities along the Murray River facing further reduced water supplies ($52,000).

Helen MacPherson Smith Trust, 2008-09

Dr Philip Mendes: “Examining the support needs and pathways of young people leaving state care in rural Victoria” in partnership with St Lukes Anglicare. Helen MacPherson Smith Trust, an independent philanthropic trust ($75,000)

The goal of this research is to attain detailed information on the life circumstances of young people who have recently left care in rural and regional and urban Victoria (with a particular emphasis on indigenous care leavers) by exploring their perspectives and insights. We aim to:

1) Examine the key factors that have influenced the outcomes (positive and negative) for care leavers including particularly the post-care services accessed by the care leavers;

2) Explore the extent to which the services accessed are perceived by care leavers as meeting their needs with a particular emphasis on examining the outcomes of the Employment and Mentoring program introduced by St Lukes in August 2007; and

3) To identify barriers to accessing post-care services and gaps in service provision in rural areas.

UN Project on Gender and Climate Change

Professor Margaret Alston is engaged as a visiting expert working on a United Nations project on gender and climate change. She has recently been in India where data is being collected in six rural villages. The project is being run under the auspices of the Gender Division of the UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation. Professor Alston visited some of the research sites in India on her recent visit. Further sites for the project will be chosen in a number of countries across  the world.

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