Dr Jessica Lockery

MBBS (Adelaide), G Dip Arts (University of Melbourne), PhD Candidate
ASPREE Medical and Data Manager
SPHPM Health Data Systems Designer

Phone: +61 3 990 30918
Email: Jessica.lockery@monash.edu

Jess Lockery is the ASPREE Medical and Data Manager and a data systems designer for the SPHPM currently working with the Australian Breast Device Registry. Jess studied medicine at the University of Adelaide before transitioning to research and managing general practitioner and participant recruitment for the ASPREE study. She assumed the role of data manager for ASPREE in late 2012 and is responsible for the design and development of the ASPREE Web Accessible Relational Database (AWARD) suite.

She is an investigator of ASPREE substudies ASPREE-Knee, AspiriN To Inhibit SEPSIS (ANTISEPSIS), ASPREE-Fracture and ASPREE-Depression. Her research focuses on the evaluation of health data quality, health data systems design and medication use in the elderly.

Research projects