Berihun Zeleke

 Dr Berihun Megabiaw Zeleke completed his MD in 2006 and MPH degree in 2009 at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. His Master's thesis was malnutrition among HIV positive children. He has published his researches on pelvic floor disorders among rural women in northwest Ethiopia. He also practiced clinical practice while on MPH study for over two years and learnt the hidden sufferings of women in Ethiopia which warrant further research.

He had worked at the School of Public Health in the University of Gondar from November 2006 to November 2013 as an academic staff member including his recent role as A/Professor as of February 2013. Dr Berihun served at various leadership positions including being the director of the Institute of Public Health (IPH) at the University of Gondar before he resigned to undertake his PhD at the Women's Health Research Program, Monash University.

Dr Berihun`s PhD project is entitled, 'The Epidemiology of estrogen depletion-related symptoms, prevalence and impacts on sexual health and mood of older women.' For his PhD, he got two prestigious scholarships from the Australian government (Australian Postgraduate Award & International Postgraduate Research Scholarships). He was also awarded the 2014-2016 Young Researcher`s Bursary Award from the International Menopause Society for his PhD project.

Dr Zeleke is involved in teaching several courses in public health since 2007. He currently participates in teaching at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine of Monash University for courses including Basic and Clinical Epidemiology, Evidence Based Clinical Practice, Population Health, and International Health.