Environmental Health News

Issue #608

  • Scientific integrity on the line
  • Work exposure to weed killers tied to brain cancer
  • Breast milk contains C8
  • Drugmakers push for looser off-label rules
  • Unwelcome Guest: PBDEs in indoor dust
  • Dingell to probe why EPA official leaving job
  • Politics at work in toxic chemical decisions
  • White House undermines EPA on cancer risks
  • FDA let artificial-blood trials continue despite risks
  • Environmental exposures – men's 'boys' can swim?

Issue #508

  • Canada first to label bisphenol A as officially dangerous
  • Bisphenol A and drinking water – controversies
  • Is industrial pollution making America fat?
  • Feds not addressing drugs in water
  • Rainwater natural but toxic
  • Visiting expert backs chemical concerns
  • Fuss about drugs in drinking water unnecessary
  • Arbitrary decisions on additives
  • Report cites chemical's risk

Issue #408

  • Big worries about micro particles
  • Tiny silver particles may lead to pollution
  • Air pollution's effects on brain
  • Time to update environmental regulations
  • Toxin turns up in school buildings
  • Drug makers near old goal
  • Food additives 'could be as damaging as lead in petrol'
  • New product ingredient lists fall short
  • Researcher uncovers what caused Gulf War Syndrome
  • Campaigners urge ban on cancer-link chemicals
  • When medicine turns toxic
  • Campaigners urge politicians to act on chemicals–breast cancer link
  • EPA feels heat over flame retardant
  • New England Journal of Medicine wins peer-review court case
  • Scientific integrity

Issue #308

  • Nanotechnology could revolutionise food
  • Expect more smog alerts under new EPA standards
  • Analysis: The formaldehyde factor
  • Enviro-toxins, radiation and breast cancer
  • Our bad air could be bad for the brain
  • Estrogenic chemicals change birds' tunes

Issue #208

  • More testing for drugs in water sought
  • Male fertility 'set in the womb'
  • EPA sets stricter ozone standard
  • Only 4 chemicals have NAFTA label
  • Toxin found in 'natural', 'organic' items
  • Artificial butter chemical may harm lungs
  • Do nanoparticles in food pose a health risk?
  • FDA panel wants limits on anemia drugs
  • News items relating to the Seattle SOT meeting

Issue #108

  • Mt Isa heavy metal levels 'still toxic'
  • Side effects – pharmaceuticals
  • Lead exposure may lead to adult-onset obesity in men
  • Sperm damage 'passed to children'
  • Medication under a microscope
  • Ultrafine air particles most toxic
  • 'Cancer link' to heavy mobile use
  • Pesticide brew spells trouble for salmon