Air Quality

Why do we worry about air quality?

Air pollution can potentially affect everyone in the community and individuals cannot readily control the extent to which they may be exposed to airborne pollutants. Since air pollution can significantly impact on human health, there is a clear need for scientifically valid health risk assessment to assist with the development of air quality standards and other risk management strategies to provide appropriate levels of public health protection.

ACHHRA's expertise

  • Airborne particulates (PM10, PM2.5)
  • Indoor air pollutants (mainly NOx, CO,SO2, fungi) and their health impacts on asthma and cardiovascular diseases
  • Collaboration with governments and other stakeholders in the review of NEPMs for air toxins


  • In 2006, ACCHRA led a team contracted by the NHMRC to develop guidance on using health-based risk assessment as part of the review of the ambient air quality NEPM.
  • In 2007-09, ACHHRA assisted Queensland Health to develop a health risk assessment program associated with the Clean Air for Gladstone project.
  • In 2007, ACHHRA assisted NSW Health to undertake a health risk assessment of airborne emissions of ethylene oxide from a medical sterilisation facility in suburban Sydney.

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