Chemical Exposures

Why do we worry about chemical exposures?

Individuals and communities can develop real concerns about the health impacts of chemicals, whether in food, water, air, their workplace or their living spaces. These concerns tend to be amplified when the chemicals are anthropomorphic (man-made), as opposed to those of natural origin, and where the exposures are involuntary or otherwise outside individual control. This is despite that fact that people can appear to be more tolerant of chemical exposures (e.g. cigarette smoking) which are more clearly injurious to health. ACHHRA has the toxicological and epidemiological expertise to be able to rationalise the health impacts of chemical exposures.

ACHHRA's expertise

  • Marine toxins
  • Dioxins and related compounds
  • Heavy metals and metalloids (particularly arsenic, cadmium)
  • Mycotoxins and plant toxins
  • Pesticide exposures, from either occupational or environmental sources
  • Heavy metal contaminants of complementary medicines
  • Modelling of the behaviour of contaminants in the environment
  • Prediction of the bioaccumulation of contaminants by aquatic biota
  • Assistance for communities exposed to air-, water-, and soil-borne plumes from industrial emission sites


ACHHRA has been involved in community consultations on emissions from industrial sites, eg management of contaminated groundwater associated with the Orica site at Botany
Community consultation on dioxin emissions from a cement works in Berrima, NSW.
ACCHRA was a partner in a Sydney University School of Public Health project assessing health risks to workers in the Sydney sewage treatment and disposal system

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