Water Quality

ACHHRA’s work in water quality

ACHHRA has contributed to:

  • The health risk assessment framework which underpins the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
  • Development of a risk assessment framework for recycled water.
  • Health risk assessments relating to recreational water use.
  • Cryptosporidium infestations and related water-borne disease organisms.
  • Algal, cyanobacterial and dinoflagellate toxins.
  • Legionella contamination of various water sources.
  • Public health risks associated with domestic storage tanks and roof-water collections.
  • Groundwater sources heavily contaminated with arsenic.

ACHHRA also works in close cooperation with Water Quality Research Australia.


  • ACHHRA has been part of a Queensland Water Commission Expert Panel assisting the Queensland Government to introduce purified recycled water in an Indirect Potable Reuse scheme in Brisbane.
  • ACCHRA has been assisting the Victorian DHS in developing public health criteria for managing algal blooms in the Gippsland lakes district.

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