PhD Scholars and Other Students

PhD Scholars


Photo of Helen AcklandDr Helen Ackland PhD
Telephone +61 (0) 3 9076 8543

In 2012, Helen completed her PhD, under the supervision of Professors Peter Cameron and Jamie Cooper, and Associate Professor Rory Wolfe. Her PhD focused on the detection of occult cervical discoligamentous trauma, and the value of magnetic resonance imaging following normal acute CT findings in patients with persistent midline cervical tenderness. The study had three main components: (1) the assessment of cervical MRI findings in the acute phase, and the correlation of these findings with demographic, injury mechanism, radiographic and clinical factors, (2) the post-discharge review of these patients in the neurosurgical and orthopaedic outpatient clinics and follow-up to 12 months, including spine-specific clinical and functional outcomes, psychological status, timing of return to work and the use of post-acute medical and allied health resources and (3) the correlation of acute and post-acute health resource utilisation costs with acute and follow-up findings.

The publications related to the PhD are: Ackland HM, Cameron PA, Varma DK, Fitt GJ, Cooper DJ, Wolfe R, Malham GM, Rosenfeld JV, Williamson OD, Liew SM. Cervical spine magnetic resonance imaging in alert, neurologically intact trauma patients with midline cervical tenderness and negative computed tomography. Annals Emerg Med. 2011;58,6:521-530. Ackland HM, Cameron PA. Cervical spine assessment following trauma. Aust Fam Physician. 2012; 41,4:196-201. Ackland HM, Cameron PA, Wolfe R, Malham GM, Varma DK, Fitt, GJ, Cooper DJ, Rosenfeld JV, Liew SM. Outcomes at 12 months following early MRI in acute trauma patients with persistent midline cervical tenderness and negative CT. Spine. 2012 (E-Pub ahead of print: DOI:10.1097/BRS.0b013e31825e6442). Ackland HM, Wolfe R, Cameron PA, Cooper DJ, Malham GM, Varma DK, Fitt, GJ, Rosenfeld JV, Liew SM. Health resource utilisation costs in acute patients with persistent midline cervical tenderness following road trauma. Injury. 2012; 43,11:1908-1916.
Photo of Liz MooreDr Elizabeth Moore MPH PGDipNurs(Crit Care) PhD

In 2014, Liz completed her PhD with the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care (ANZIC) Research Centre investigating potential treatments for, and early markers of acute kidney injury in patients with traumatic brain injury. This involved the management of the Renal Substudies of the EPO-TBI and POLAR multicentre clinical trials. She has also completed a biostatistics/epidemiology streamed Master of Public Health involving investigation of the effect of renal function on outcomes of coronary bypass surgery. Liz is currently a Research Fellow with ANZIC Research Centre. At the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Liz is Principal Investigator of the THIRST study investigating the effect of chloride-rich intravenous fluids on renal function and acid-base homeostasis in the critically ill, and is an investigator of a randomised, phase II study to determine the safe and effective use of aspirin to reduce inflammation in sepsis patients. She has been involved in all aspects of the projects that she initiated, from conception to publication and she has an ongoing interest in improving the outcomes of critically ill patients. Liz has extensive experience as a critical care nurse and has more recently worked as Research Coordinator in the Royal Melbourne Hospital ICU and Victorian Infectious Diseases Service. She is a member of the Management Committee of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN), Scientific Nurse Chair for the ANZICS/ACCCN Annual Scientific Meeting 2014, and member of the Monash Human Research Ethics Committee. Her research interests include neurocritical care, intravenous fluid therapy in critical illness, acute kidney injury, renal biomarkers and cardiac surgical outcomes.

Photo of Antoine SchneiderDr Antoine Schneider PhD

Antoine completed his PhD in 2015 under the supervision of Professor Rinaldo Bellomo. His thesis was entitled "Renal Perfusion Evaluation with Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography". He now works in Switzerland.

Photo of Daryl JonesProfessor Daryl Jones BSc(Hons) MBBS MD PhD FRACP FCICM

In 2015, Daryl completed his PhD thesis entitled "The Rapid Response Team:  Patient characteristics and resource implications" under the supervision of Professors Rinaldo Bellomo and Graeme Hart. The first area of investigation involved assessment of the uptake of MET services in intensive care unit (ICU) equipped hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, particularly in relation to published literature supporting their effectiveness. In conjunction with the Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Health Care (ACQSHC) and Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Centre for Outcomes and Resources Evaluation (ANZICS-CORE), a 40 hospital study was conducted to assess: 1) the changes in MET call rates with time, and 2) the in-hospital mortality of MET patients in comparison to hospitalized patients. The second major area of the PhD involved assessment of the epidemiology of the MET patient. A seven hospital study was completed to perform a detailed analysis of the role of METs in end-of-life care planning in hospitalized patients. It also assessed the circadian activation of MET calls to confirm or refute the findings seen at the Austin Hospital. Finally, the thesis included several reviews related to MET systems and the broader concept of deteriorating patients. This thesis has provided new insights into the causes and outcomes of deterioration in hospitalized Australian patients, and will lead to strategies to improve the outcomes and safety of hospital admissions.

Photo of Ralph TrammDr Ralph Tramm MAppSc (Research) RN PhD

In 2016, Ralph completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr Carol Hodgson and Dr Dragan Ilic. He investigated short and longer term health related outcomes in patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). He has a critical care background and worked as a Research Associate after completing a Master of Applied Science (Research) program with the Queensland University of Technology.

Photo of Nor'Azim Mohd YunosDr Nor'azim Mohd Yunos PhD

Telephone +607 219 0640

In 2017, Azim completed his PhD investigating the biochemical and clinical outcome effects of restricting chloride-rich fluids in critically ill patients, under the supervision of Professors Anuar Zaini and Rinaldo Bellomo, and Associate Professor Michael Bailey. He is a Senior Lecturer with the Monash University Sunway Campus, Malaysia and an intensivist at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bahru.

Dr Neil Glassford BSc MedSci(Hons) MBChB PhD MRCP(UK)
Mobile +61 (0) 435 730 481

In 2017, Neil completed his thesis on the "Epidemiology of fluid administration, accumulation and balance in the critically ill and relationship between intravenous fluid therapy amd patient-centred outcomes". His supervisors were Prof Rinaldo Bellomo and A/Prof Michael Bailey. He has a Bachelor's degree in Physiology, and trained in Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Neil was a Registrar in Acute Care Medicine on the West of Scotland training rotation. He previously completed projects looking at monitoring in cardiothoracic anaesthesia, and is specifically interested in clinical audit. He is working as a Research Fellow and Clinical Trainer at the Austin Hospital, and as a Clinical Fellow in Intensive Care at Epworth Eastern Hospital. Current research interests include systematic review, renal biomarkers and the importance of fluid balance in the critically ill.

Dr Rafidah AtanDr Rafidah Atan MBBS MAnaes PhD FANZCA EDIC GCCS GCHE

In 2018, Rafidah completed her PhD, under the supervision of Professors Rinaldo Bellomo and Anuar Zaini, on cytokine removal using extracorporeal techniques. The main trial which was central to her thesis, was a double-blind randomised controlled trial comparing high cut off hemofiltration with standard hemofiltration. The primary outcome of the study was nor adrenaline free time but the study also looked at effects of cytokine removal, toll-like receptor expression, nucleosome levels, apoptosis indices, urinary biomarkers and albumin loss. Rafidah is based in Malaysia and divides her time between working as a specialist in intensive care and her teaching commitments as a senior lecturer with the Malaysian campus of Monash University.

  Dr Emma Ridley BNutDietet MPH PhD APD
Telephone +61 3 9903 0350
Mobile +61 (0) 430 200 804

In 2018, Emma completed her PhD, "Clinical and functional consequences of energy provided by nutrition in critically ill adults", under the supervision of Professor Jamie Cooper, Prof Carol Hodgson and Dr Adam Deane (University of Adelaide). As part of her PhD, Emma project managed a 100 patient RCT titled ‘Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition in the Critically Ill'. Emma was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship, and was a Finalist in the "Clinical Research' category of the Premier's Awards for Health and Medical Research for the work and outcomes within her PhD. Emma is a Senior Research Fellow and NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, and leads the Nutrition Program at the ANZIC-RC.

  Dr Eldho Paul BSc MSc PhD
Telephone  +61 3 9903 0932
Mobile        +61 (0) 421 863 211

In 2018, Eldho completed his PhD, "Improving mortality prediction in Australian and New Zealand intensive care units", under the supervision of Professors Michael Bailey and David Pilcher. Eldho is a Biostatistician with the ANZIC-RC and a Research Fellow in Monash University's Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine.

Dr Tim Coulson BM BSc(Hons) PhD FANZCA

In 2018, Tim completed his PhD thesis entitled "Acute Risk Change – measuring perioperative quality of care in cardiac surgery" under the supervision of Professors David Pilcher, Michael Bailey and Chris Reid. Tim recently returned to Australia to work as a cardiothoracic anaesthetist. Prior to that he was a Consultant in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia, ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation and Intensive Care at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK. His research interests include measuring perioperative quality of care in cardiac surgery, renal outcomes after cardiopulmonary bypass, and donation after cardiac death.

  A/Professor Neil Orford MBBS PGDipEcho PhD FCICM FANZCA
Mobile  +61 (0) 403 500 166

In 2018, Neil completed his PhD, "The effect of critical illness on bone metabolism and bone mineral density". He has been an intensive care specialist since 2003, and the Director of Intensive Care at The Geelong Hospital since 2008. He is actively involved in clinical research as a member of the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, the coordinator of research and clinical trials in critical care at The Geelong Hospital since 2003, and a member of the Barwon Health Human Research Ethics Committee since 2007.

Aidan BurrellDr Aidan Burrell MBBS DDU PhD FCICM

In 2019, Aidan completed his PhD entitled Investigation of right ventricular dysfunction in critical unwell patients. He is an Intensivist, clinician researcher, and critical care ultrasonographer. He is an Intensive Care Consultant at The Alfred Hospital with a broad range of experience working with patients with severe cardiac and respiratory failure, thoracic transplantation and in the use of ECMO in the critically ill. Aidan completed a fellowship in heart failure and cardiac transplantation in 2012. He has advanced critical care ultrasound and echocardiography qualifications, and is a member of the echocardiogrpahy service at The Alfred Hospital. He is also an active member of The Alfred ECMO research and clinical care special interest group. His areas of research interest have included advanced management of heart failure in the critically ill, focusing particularly on mechanical heart supports such as ECMO and ventricular assist devices.

Photo of Dr Ravi TivuroipatiProfessor Ravi Tiruvoipati PhD

In 2019, Ravi completed his PhD entitled Clinical effects and management of hypercapnia in critically ill patients. Ravi is an Intensivist and Director of Research in the Department of Intensive Care at the Frankston Hospital, and is an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, School of Public Health at Monash University.

  Dr Lisa Higgins BPhysio(Hons) GDipBiostat MPH PhD
Mobile         +61 (0) 400 658 694

In 2019, Lisa completed her PhD entitled An economic evaluation of resuscitation in sepsis. She also has an Master's in Public Health majoring in epidemiology and biostatistics, a Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics and a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours).Lisa is a health economics research fellow at the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre (ANZIC-RC) who has been conducting research in critical care for over 15 years. Her research focuses on evaluating the costs of care in critical illness and conducting economic evaluations alongside clinical trials in critical care. She has extensive experience in clinical trial methodology, long-term follow-up of patients and health economics. Lisa has published papers in the area of cost-effectiveness analyses for Australian ICUs and is a leader in this field. She has published numerous economic evaluations of large RCTs in critical care, including in traumatic brain injury, transfusion research, and sepsis. Lisa has authored over 50 publications (including in the New England Journal of Medicine), and has received over $30 million in competitive grant funding. Lisa is a member of the Australian Health Economics Society, the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society, and serves on ACTA’s research prioritisation reference group.

Publications in PubMed

Claire Tipping  Dr Claire Tipping PhD

In 2020, Claire completed her PhD, under the supervision of Professors Carol Hodgson and Anne Holland and Dr Meg Harrold, on Factors that affect physical function before, during and after critical illness. Claire is a physiotherapist at the Alfred Hospital, and works primarily in trauma and critical care. Claire teaches undergraduate physiotherapy students at Monash and Latrobe University. She has ongoing research involvement in the Trial of Early Activity and Mobilisation study through Monash University ANZIC-RC and other studies completed at the Alfred Hospital. For more information about Claire's research, please follow this link:

Photo of Matt BrainDr Matt Brain MBBS DDU PhD FCICM FRACP

In 2020, Matt completed his PhD, under the supervision of Professor John McNeil and Dr Owen Roodenburg, on Optimising Filter Life In Intensive Care Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy. Matt completed his intensive care fellowship at The Alfred ICU and is now a full time Intensivist at the Launceston General Hospital in Northern Tasmania and an adjunct clinical lecturer at Monash University and the University of Tasmania. Matt has taught at the Monash/Alfred ICU post graduate courses since 2011 and has a wide interest in echocardiography, extra-corporeal support and renal replacement therapy. He has ongoing research involvements within the Tasmanian Health Service and The Alfred ICU.

Photo of Bianca LevkovichDr Bianca Levkovich BPharm(Hons) CertPharmPrac MSc(CritCare) PhD FSHPA

In 2021, Bianca competed her PhD entitled Medicines and the deteriorating patient. Her supervisors were Profs Michael Dooley and Carl Kirkpatrick at the Centre for Medication Use and Safety and Prof Jamie Cooper at the ANZIC-RC. Bianca previously completed an MSc(Critical Care) examining the pharmacokinetics of extended infusions of cefepime in critically ill patients. In 2015, Bianca was awarded Fellowship of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.

Dr Fumitaka Yanase PhD

In 2021, Fumitaka completed his PhD entitled “Endothelial protection and fluid pharmacokinetics: the impact of Vitamin C, albumin, dexamethasone and fluid temperature” under the supervision of Professors Rinaldo Bellomo and Michael Bailey. He graduated from Tohoku University School of Medicine in Japan and has a background in Anaesthesia and Critical Care. He is an ICU Research Fellow at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

Dr Dashiell Gantner BSc MBBS PhD

In 2022, Dashiell completed his PhD entitled Translation Of Australian Research Into Practice In Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. He was the recipient of a Centre for Excellence in Traumatic Brain Injury Research (CETBIR) Fellowship at the National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI). In 2012 Dashiell was a Senior Research Fellow with the ANZIC-RC and was actively involved in the TRANFUSE-RCT (sTandaRd issue trANfusion versuS Fresher red blood cell Use in intenSive carE - Randomised Controlled Trial) study as well as a clinical advisor on POLAR (Prophylactic hypothermia trial to Lessen traumatic bRain injury). He is an Intensive Care Registrar, a member of the College of Intensive Care Medicine and the Royal Australian College of Physicians, and was shortlisted in the 2007 Young Voices in Research for Health, Global Forum for Health Research competition. In addition to extensive clinical experience, he previously undertook a research fellowship with The George Institute for Global Health, China, working with the Critical Care and Trauma and Neurological and Mental Health Divisions. His research interests include neurocritical care, transfusion medicine, sepsis, and fluid resuscitation.

In progress

Ms Jenna Amon BFScNutr MND APD
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Jenna’s PhD, under the supervision of Professor Carol Hodgson, Drs Emma Ridley and Oana Tatucu-Babet, is investigating Nutrition provision throughout whole hospitalisation following critical illness. Jenna has been a clinical dietitian at The Alfred Hospital since 2016, and works primarily in critical care and neurotrauma.

Ms Clare Ferguson BNutr&Diet(Hon) APD
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Clare is currently completing a PhD under the supervision of Professor Carol Hodgson, Dr Emma Ridley and Dr Oana Tatucu, entitled Nutritional Practices and Perceptions of Therapy in Adult Patients who receive ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation). She has extensive experience in the field of critical care dietetics and works as a specialist dietitian within the Critical Care Unit at Alfred Health. Clare’s research interests include investigating the role that optimal nutritional delivery may play in influencing outcomes including recovery and exploring the perceptions of nutrition therapy in ECMO from a consumer and clinician perspective.

Dr Andrew Flint MBBS BEng(Hon) BEcon(Hon) RAN 
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Andrew Flint is a Medical Officer with the Royal Australian Navy. His diverse qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) and a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery. Andrew is currently doing his PhD in collaboration with the ANZIC-RC and Blood-CRE in the field of platelet transfusions, and he has published in several critical care and transfusion medicine journals.

  Ms Jenna Lang
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Jenna's PhD, under the supervision of Professor Carol Hodgson and Dr Kimberley Haines, is on Competency Based Training for Mobilisation of the Critically Ill. For more information about Jenna's research please follow this link:

  Dr Vinodh Nanjayya
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Vinodh is currently undertaking a PhD entitled Evaluation of cardiac function and costs in Cardiac Arrest Patients, under the supervision of Professors Jamie Cooper, Alistair Nichol and David Kaye. Vinodh is Head of the Cardiothoracic ICU as well as Critical Care Echocardiography and Ultrasound, and a Senior Intensive Care Specialist all at The Alfred Hospital.

  Ms Michelle Paton BExSci, MPhysio, MPhysio(Cardio)
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Michelle's PhD, under the supervision of Professor Carol Hodgson and Dr Rebecca Lane is on The dose response to exercise in critical care. Michelle is an ICU Advanced Clinical Physiotherapist at Monash Health, overseeing the physiotherapy service to the Critical Care and Surgical Physiotherapy program across the organisation. It is hoped that  the results of her PhD will start to answer questions relating to the optimal frequency, intensity, amount and type of exercise to maximise functional recovery following critical illness. For more information about Michelle's research, please follow this link:

  Ms Gemma Pound
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Gemma’s PhD, under the supervision of Professor Carol Hodgson, Prof Daryl Jones and Dr Glenn Eastwood, is investigating Functional recovery following in-hospital cardiac arrest. For more information about Gemma's research please follow this link:

  Mr Paul Ross CCRN MNursRes MAdultEd
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Paul is currently a Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Alfred Intensive Care Unit, Melbourne, and is undertaking his PhD investigating nursing workload on patient outcomes in the ICU. Paul is a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) and has completed both a Master of Nursing Research and Master's of Adult Education. His previous roles were in clinical education and as a Lecturer Practitioner in Intensive Care at La Trobe University. He runs the blogs Nursing Education Network and Intensive Nurse.

Social Media Profiles: LinkedIn, ORCID & Twitter.

PubMed publications

Dr Paul Secombe  Dr Paul Secombe BMBS(Hons) MClinSc FCICM
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Paul's PhD, under the supervision of Professor David Pilcher, is on Indigenous Critical Care: Demographics, Characteristics & Outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in ICU. Paul is an Intensive Care Consultant and Specialist Clinician in the Intensive Care Unit at the Alice Springs Hospital within the Central Australia Health Service, Northern Territory (NT). He is also an Organ Donation Specialist (Medical) with DonateLife NT, and is a Fellow of and a Supervisor of Training with the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM). Paul is an Adjunct Lecturer in both the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and the School of Medicine at Flinders University. He was the Northern Territory Clinical Educator of the Year in 2017. His research foci include functional outcomes in critically ill patients particularly in remote areas, critically ill obese patients, and acute kidney injury.

Dr Ashwin Subramaniam  Dr Ashwin Subramaniam MBBS MMed FRACP FCICM
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Ashwin is a Senior Intensive Care Specialist at Frankston Hospital, Peninsula Health. After completing his medical degree in Madras Medical College in 1999, he worked in Animal Labs in University of Chicago doing repercussion experiments with Dr David Jayakar. That triggered the interest for research. He subsequently moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2003. He completed his Master of Medicine at the University of Melbourne in 2006. He is a Fellow of both the College of Intensive Care Medicine and Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Prior to taking up his current role of Director of Intensive Care in The Bays Private Hospital, he was the Medical Lead for Simulation for 2 years, and the Director of the Acute Medical Unit in Peninsula Health. He also works as a perioperative physician at The Bays Hospital. He has diverse interests including medical education, perioperative medicine and clinical research. He holds an Adjunct Senior Lecturer position with Monash University. He has >25 peer-reviewed publications. He is the Principal investigator for various research projects. He is also the recipient of multiple awards for both research and as an educator. Ashwin is a keen educator. He is a key member of the Intensive Care Network, Victoria. He was Chair of the Victorian Intensive Care Education Network (VICEN) in 2015-16. He is the Co-founder and convener of the Critical STEPS Courses. Ashwin is an instructor in various courses nationally and internationally. He has special interests in managing patients in clinical deterioration, frailty, ICU nutrition and quality improvement. Ashwin is a strong proponent of systems to detect and respond to acute clinical deterioration, especially in older people. This was the impetus for his PhD, so that he can understand the complexity of frailty and the role of intensive care in managing such vulnerable patients. He has won a few tennis tournaments in Melbourne and continues to play league cricket every summer. Ashwin is married and has a 10-year-old son. You can follow him on twitter @catchdrash.

  Ms Jacinta Winderlich
PhD Scholar, ANZIC-RC

Jacinta is undertaking a PhD, under the supervision of Professor Andrew Udy and Dr Emma Ridley, entitled Nutritional management practices in paediatric critical care. Jacinta is interested in research that informs clinical practice and has a positive impact on patient outcomes. The first project, EPICURE, is a bi-national multicentre prospective observational study reviewing current nutrition management in Australian and New Zealand PICUs. Jacinta is also a member of the NUTRIENT study management committee. Jacinta is a paediatric clinical specialist dietitian at Monash Children’s Hospital and practices in the areas of critical care, nephrology and ketogenic diet therapy for epilepsy.

Other Students

In progress

  Ms Lina Breik 

Lina is a Clinical Dietitian working at Eastern Health. Her areas of expertise include feeding critically ill patients in the intensive care unit, and the nutritional management of home tube fed patients. She is an aspiring PhD Scholar currently in the final leg of a Master of Public Health investigating micronutrient intake from enteral nutrition in critically ill adults, under the supervision of Drs Emma Ridley and Oana Tatucu.

  Ms Sabrina Hernandez 
MPhil Student, ANZIC-RC

Sabrina’s master's by research degree, under the supervision of Professor Carol Hodgson, Dr Claire Tipping and A/Prof Adam Deane, is investigating Early mobilisation in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage. Sabrina is a Senior Clinician Physiotherapist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital with clinical expertise in the areas of Neurosurgery and Stroke.

  Ms Linda Nguyen
BBiomedSc(PharmSc) Student, ANZIC-RC

Linda joined ANZIC-RC in Feb 2022 as part of her student placement. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences (with distinction) from RMIT University, Linda is now working as a Research Officer supporting the Nutrition Program at the ANZIC-RC. With eagerness to help advance intensive care, Linda is currently pursuing her Honours degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences to deepen her knowledge, research and analytical skills in nutrition care and practice.


Photo of Simon LandesMr Simon Landes BMedSc(Hons)

Simon completed his BMedSc in 2012 as part of his medical course, investigating the use of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) for improved outcome prediction in severe traumatic brain injury patients, under the supervision of Professor Jamie Cooper, Dr Jerome Maller and Ms Lynne Murray. He completed his MBBS in 2013.

Photo of Edward QuineMr Edward Quine BMedSc(Hons)

Ed completed his BMedSc in 2014 as part of his medical course, investigating the impact of therapeutic hypothermia and anti-platelet therapies on coagulation function in patients with traumatic brain injury using point of care testing in the ICU, under the supervision of Professor DJ (Jamie) Cooper and Ms Lynne Murray.

Photo of Madeline CenedeseMs Madeline (Maddie) Cenedese BSc(Physiology) BHSc(Hons)

In 2015, Maddie completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) at the ANZIC-RC entitled "Haemostatic complications of therapeutic hypothermia in traumatic brain injury; a systematic review, under the supervision of Professor (DJ) Jamie Cooper, Dr Dashiell Gantner and Ms Lynne Murray. In 2014, she completed a Bachelor of Science (major Physiology) at the University of Melbourne.

Photo of Zach O'BrienMr Zach O'Brien BMedSc(Hons)

In 2016, Zach O'Brien completed his Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) on "The Effect of Prophylactic Hypothermia on Traumatic Brain Injury Haemorrhage Progression" under the supervision of Professor Jamie Cooper and Ms Lynne Murray.

Photo of Chun Sang KwanMr Chun Sang (CS) Kwan BBiomedSc(PharmSc)

In 2016, CS completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences) student placement year at the ANZIC-RC, under the supervision of Lynne Murray.

  Mr Daniel Engeler BSc(Biotech) BBiomedSc(PharmSc)(Hons)

Daniel joined the ANZIC-RC team in February 2018 as a placement student for 40 weeks as part of his Honours degree whilst studying at RMIT. Throughout his placement and Honours year, Daniel project managed an International Delphi study to develop a core outcome set for ECMO research. He has a keen interest in patient outcomes and ECMO research on patients with acute respiratory and heart failure. In 2019, after his placement year, Daniel was employed by the ANZIC-RC as the Project Officer for EXCEL (A comprehensive national registry on the treatment and outcomes of patients requiring ECMO). He previously worked as a laboratory technician at the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), and has completed his Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Honours).

Bentley Fulcher  Mr Bentley Fulcher BBiomedSc(PharmSc)(Hons)

Bentley joined ANZIC-RC in 2019 on student placement for 40 weeks as part of his Bachelor of Biomedical Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Honours degree. He is now a Research Officer working on projects including BONANZA, CLIP IIEXCEL and TEAM.