CCRE Therapeutics Staff Photo 2016

CCRE Therapeutics employs over 50 staff and currently has 8 PhD students undertaking research projects. Several visiting academics/research fellows have also undertaken research within CCRE Therapeutics from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, China, USA, Netherlands, UK, Japan and Norway.

Directors Research Assistants
Prof Christopher Reid Ashley Baring 
Prof Danny Liew Rita Brien 
  Harriet Carruthers 
Research Fellows Jake Cornell 
Ms Angela Brennan Janine Doyle
Dr Enayet Chowdhury  Li Huang
Dr Diem Dihn Nicole Marrow 
Dr Andrew Kompa Noah Solmon
Dr Nupur Nag  Alisa Turbic 
Dr Alice Owen  
Ms Louise Shiel Nursing
Dr Lavinia Tran Anne Bruce
Mr John Varigos Michelle Hooy
A/Prof Bing Wang Christine Mulvany
 Caroline Steer 
General Admin Louise Turnour  
Callum Brennan   
Jill Edmonds  Biostatistician
Dominique Harriss Mark Tacey
Anne Jenes  
  PhD Students
 Overseas Trainees Ms Venu Ariyaratne
 Luer Bao Mr Ken Lee Chin 
 Jingbin Guo Dr Nazmul Karim
 Luna Hua Ms Nicole Kellow
 Jiayu Lu (China) Ms Elizabeth Anne Russell
 Lu Lu Mr Berhe Sahle