National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

2016-2020 – $2,500,000
Centre of Research Excellence in Cardiovascular Outcomes Improvement
Reid C, Krum H, Cullen L, Chew D, Briffa T, Brieger D, Smith J, Duffy S, MacDonald P, Liew D.

2016-2020 – $5,613,110
Novel approaches to the prevention and treatment of chronic heart disease and its co-morbid complications
Reid CM, Liew D, Kelly D, Krum K.

2013-2015 – $130,480
Modelling of Clinical and Ambulatory Blood Pressure on Cardiovascular Risk and Outcomes
Reid CM, Liew D, Owen A, Williamson E, Ademi Z.

2013-2015 – $818,947 (Project)
SCREEN-HF extension study
Campbell DJ, Prior D, Krum H.

2013-2017 – $652,765
Senior Research Fellowship 
Reid CM.

2012-2016 – $436,590
Practitioner Fellowship
H Krum.

2010-2014 – $5,390,000 (Program Grant)
Prevention and treatment of chronic heart and kidney disease
H Krum, D Kelly, C Reid.

2010 – $53,000 (Equipment Grant)
MF-ChemiBis 3.2 BioImaging System
L Bach, J-P Liu, J Wilkinsono-Berka, R Medcalf, H Krum.

2008-2012 – $1,272,702 (Project Grant)
Aspirin for the prevention of cognitive decline in the Elderly (EnVISION)
M Budge, E Storey, A Tonkin, T Wong, C Reid, D Ames.

2008-2012 – $537,500
Senior Research Fellowship
C Reid.

2007-2011 – $878,702 (Health Services Grant)
Which Heart failure Intervention is most Cost-effective and consumer friendly in reducing Hospital care: The WHICH study
S Stewart, P Scuffham, T Marwick, J Horowitz, H Krum, P Davidson, P Macdonald, C Reid.

2006-2010 – $1,250,000 (Enabling Grant)
The Australian Rheumatology Association Database (ARAD)
R Buchbinder, L March, M Lassaire, C Reid.

2005-2010 – $1,500,000 (Enabling Grant)
A National Clinical Trials Register
J Simes, D Ghersi, M Stockler, T Keech, S Green, D Henderson-Smart, H Krum, G Jennings.

National Heart Foundation (NHF)

2015 – $56,115 (Vanguard)
Trial to evaluate the effectiveness of surgeon performance feedback on improving cardiac surgery
Reid CM, Tran L, Baker R, Smith J.

2009-2010 – $130,800 (Grant-in-Aid)
Omega-3 fatty acid status and cardiovascular risk in older Australians
A Owen, C Reid, P McLennan, H Krum.

2008-2012 – $893,581 (NHF & Beyond Blue)
The Melbourne Depression in Heart Failure Collaborative Medication Trial
DL Hare, D Clarke, H Krum.

Other Granting Bodies

2018-2020 – $1,000,000 (Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund)
Development and evaluation of an eHealth 'Virtual Hospital' to improve the care of patients with chronic diseases
Liew D

2009-2015 – US$50,445,006 (NIH Grant)
ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE)
R Grimm, J McNeil, A Tonkin, C Reid, M Nelson, R Woods.

2008-2010 – $704,400 (RACP Jacquot Collaborative Research Initiative Grant)
A randomised controlled trial of the beta-blocker carvedilol verus placebo to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients receiving dialysis
F Ierino, N Isbel, H Krum.

2008-2010 – US$2,900,00 (NIH RAID grant) (in-kind support)
Treatment of diabetic nephropathy using a purpose-designed anti-fibrotic drug
R Gilbert, D Kelly, H Krum, S Williams.