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Associate Professor David Newman


The Aviation Medicine Unit conducts a range of training and research activities in aviation medicine. Aviation medicine is a unique field, and is concerned with the interaction between the aviation environment and human physiological and psychological systems. It is a specialised subset of the wider field of occupational medicine. The main emphasis of the Aviation Medicine Unit is on understanding the implications of exposure to the flight environment on human performance. As such, it is fundamentally concerned with health consequences in pilots, aircrew and aircraft passengers.


aviation medicineThe unit is responsible for teaching the highly successful short course, the Australian Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM), which is a prerequisite for medical practitioners who wish to register with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) as Designated Aviation Medical Examiners. This two-week course is currently held twice a year in Melbourne at The Alfred Hospital.

If you have enquiries about the ACCAM course please phone
+61 3 9903 0693 or email shortcourses.depm@monash.edu.

The Unit also provides a number of other training courses for both aircrew and aviation medicine-qualified doctors.


Australian Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine

Advanced Practical Aviation Medicine (Singapore)

CASA Regulatory Aviation Medicine

Monash Basic Course in Aviation Medicine (Qatar)

Monash Advanced Aviation Medicine (Qatar)


The Aviation Medicine Unit at Monash University is currently developing plans to offer a Diploma in Aviation Medicine in the near future. Expressions of interest are sought from potential students interested in undertaking this Diploma. The course will be designed to satisfy the training syllabus requirements of the Australasian College of Aerospace Medicine. No commitment is required at this stage: just an indication of your interest which will greatly assist in our planning efforts.

Please send in your expression of interest via email to shortcourses.depm@monash.edu.


 The Unit also conducts a wide range of research activities in aviation medicine and aerospace physiology, with an emphasis on the effects of altitude, G forces, spatial disorientation and motion sickness in both pilots and passengers. Research in these areas is designed to gain a better understanding of the human consequences of exposure to the flight environment, and ultimately to improve flight safety.

Much of the Unit’s research involves collaborations with national and international partners, and in conjunction with the aviation industry.


  • Neck injuries in pilots exposed to high G
  • Cardiovascular regulation and control in the high G environment
  • Spatial disorientation in aircrew
  • Passenger health in airline operations
  • Super-agile flight and its biodynamic implications


The Aviation Medicine Unit welcomes applications from suitably qualified candidates wishing to undertake postgraduate research in the aviation medicine field, up to PhD level. Contact A/Prof David Newman for more details.


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