Teaching Associate Coaching

The SPHPM Teaching Associate Coaching (TAC) program is a professional development activity, and provides pre-semester training sessions to all SPHPM staff involved with teaching for the School. The program encourages teaching staff to provide unit specific feedback for future training development. TAC is supported by an extensive Moodle resource with activities designed to enhance the teaching experience of all SPHPM staff involved.

b.tacSPHPM TAC training will provide you with:

  • Practical tips on how to teach with confidence
  • Strategies for managing challenging student scenarios
  • The skills required to provide effective feedback
  • Details regarding what support is available to you in your role as a teaching associate
  • Networking opportunities with other staff


What's involved?

  • Attendance at a pre-semester TAC training session
  • Completion of specific Moodle site activities
  • Contact with a mentor during semester

Enhance your teaching experience and tutoring skills by registering for TAC training!

Teaching Associate Coaching is held in O-week of each semester in the conference rooms at 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

An invitation to register for the coaching is circulated to all members of SPHPM approximately one month before the training is held.