Academic Staff

Name Clinical discipline and academic expertisePosition
Professor Helena Teede Endocrinologist, Women’s Health, HCI implementation, Public health Director, MCHRI
Head, Women’s Reproductive and Metabolic Health Program
Executive Director, Monash Partners
Professor Jim Buttery Paediatrician
Vaccines, Public Health
Head Children’s Public Health Program MCHRI
Director, Paediatric Research, Monash Health
Chair, Data Committee, Monash Partners 
Professor Erwin Loh Medicine Practitioner (medical administration specialty); Barrister and Solicitor Head, Clinical Leadership and Management Unit, MCHRI
Group Chief Medical Officer, St Vincent’s Health Australia
Adjunct Clinical Professor, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine 
Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle Obstetrician Gynae
Reproductive Women’s Health
Head, Women’s Public Health and Health Equity Program
Associate Professor Lisa Moran Dietician Head, Healthy Lifestyle Program
Associate Professor Amanda Vincent Endocrinologist Head, Menopause Research Program
Dr Georgia Soldatos Endocrinologist Head, Diabetes Health Services Research – Adjunct
Dr Marie Misso Scientist, Evidence Synthesis Head, Evidence Synthesis Program
Dr Cheryce Harrison Exercise Scientist Exercise & Physical Activity
Dr Eldho Paul Biostatistician Biostatistician
Dr Siew Lim Dietetics Fellow in Healthy Lifestyle
Dr Briony Hill Exercise Physiology and Health Behaviour Change Fellow in Healthy Lifestyle
Dr Melanie Gibson-Helm Public Health Fellow in Reproductive Women’s Health
Dr Anju Joham Endocrinologist Fellow in Women’s Public Health
Dr Aya Mousa Scientist Fellow in Women’s Public Health
Angela Melder Evidence Synthesis MCHRI in-service PhD
Lead on MCHRI Evidence Synthesis Program
Dr Clement Lo Endocrinologist Fellow in Metabolic Health and Diabetes
Dr Grace Xie Post Doc Research Fellow – Information Technology IT Dev Manager – Software Engineer 
Dr Cate Bailey Clinical Research Research Fellow
Dr Heather Morris Clinical Research Research Fellow
Dr Lauren Bruce Clinical Research Research Fellow
Dr Renee O’Donnell Clinical Research Research Fellow
Dr Negar Naderpoor Clinical Research Research Fellow
Dr Jock Lawrie Statistics Post Doc Statistician Research Fellow