Rebecca Goldstein

Obesity, gestational weight gain and healthy lifestyle in pregnancy

Rebecca Goldstein –

Rebecca Goldstein is a doctoral research fellow and consultant endocrinologist based at Monash Health with outpatient clinical appointments in the Diabetes and Maternity services. The theme of her PhD is to address the effects of obesity, gestational weight gain and the associated adverse maternal and infant affects, with development and implementation of strategies to achieve healthy pregnancies in all women. This involves assessing the satisfaction with diagnosis process for gestational diabetes, risk perception and health beliefs among Australian women.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the weight gain below and above guidelines for gestational weight gain in pregnancy will be performed to understand the risk of adverse maternal and infant outcomes. We are developing, implementing and evaluating a healthy pregnancy program for obese pregnant women at Dandenong Hospital that is incorporated into usual maternity care. We are working to develop a risk prediction tool for use in pregnancy to predict women that are at risk for having infants with a large for gestational age and small for gestational age.