Eleanor Thong

Interactions between bone and reproductive health in Type 1 diabetes

Eleanor Thong – eleanor.thong@monash.edu

Eleanor is a doctoral research fellow and endocrinologist who trained at the Alfred Hospital and Monash Health. Her research interests include diabetes, bone health and obesity. Eleanor holds a consultant physician appointment in the Monash Health Bariatric Service and also delivers content teaching to third-year medical students at Monash University. She received a Research Training Program Scholarship (formerly Australian Postgraduate Award) for her PhD which will explore the interactions between Type 1 diabetes mellitus with bone and reproductive health. This is an emerging area in research, with recent studies highlighting an increase in fractures in individuals with diabetes mellitus, yet several gaps exist in the literature pertaining to mechanisms, screening and management.

Eleanor will utilise new techniques such as peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) and trabecular bone score (TBS) to assess bone quality in adults with Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, there is limited Australian data on reproductive health in men and women with Type 1 diabetes mellitus, another underserved area of research. Eleanor’s project will help provide further insight and direction into optimising bone and reproductive health in this population. She is co-supervised by Prof. Helena Teede and A/Prof Frances Milat from Hudson Institute.