Cheap supplement could treat a range of diseases

An over-the-counter supplement is being trialled as a cheap and safe way to treat a wide range of common age and lifestyle-related diseases.

Associate Professor Barbora de Courten, a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow and MCHRI researcher has several clinical trials underway:

  1. carnosine supplementation can reduce risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  2. carnosine supplementation can improve glycaemic control in pre-diabetes and diabetes
  3. if these effects are mediated through reduction in chronic low-grade inflammation, oxidative stress and advanced glycation end-products.

If the studies prove that carnosine is beneficial, this would have important clinical and public health implications for the prevention and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease – through safe, readily available, and low-cost carnosine supplementation.

You can read about this important research here.