Monash Warwick Alliance: Developing Research and Teaching in Healthcare Improvement


Ian Kirkpatrick is Professor of Healthcare Improvement and  Implementation Science, Warwick Business School, Monash Warwick Alliance. MCHRI  staff and students were lucky enough to hear his presentation at their recent  team meeting.

Professor Kirkpatrick has  longstanding credentials in research that has focused on management,  organisation and performance of health services both in the UK and  internationally. He has published widely on this topic, including books  focusing on the new public management and the management of social care  services.

In 2006, Ian led a national inquiry into the changing relationship  between management and medicine and later served as the Chair of a Framework 7  European COST Action, focusing on that topic. More recently, Ian’s research has  utilised a variety of routine and administrative data sources to profile the  nature and effectiveness of different forms of governance in the NHS and other  health systems including Spain, Italy and China. He is currently working for  the Monash Warwick Alliance.