MCHRI Launch


The Monash  Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) was officially launched  by Ms Shelly Park, Professor Christina Mitchell and Professor Helena Teede on Wednesday  28 May, 2014 at Monash Medical Centre. It was attended by 70 invited friends  and guests.

Speaking at  this occasion Shelly Park, Christina Mitchell and Helena Teede all reinforced the  strong commitment by Monash Health and Monash University toward ongoing medical,  clinical and translational research, across all clinical disciplines, for the improvement of  health and wellbeing of our communities.

The launch  of MCHRI acknowledges the key partnership  between Monash   Health and Monash University and acknowledges MCHRI as a unique,   non-disease, non-discipline  specific ‘implementation laboratory’ focused on delivering improved health  outcomes.

Located  at Monash Health within the Monash Health Translation   Precinct, MCHRI aims to create, synthesise, implement and translate   clinical, health services  and public health knowledge, underpinned by cross sector end user engagement,  to deliver propitious health impact.

MCHRI has three core programs supporting  Monash Health and Monash University staff:

  1. Monash  Health clinical services and public health research, translation and  implementation program
  2. An interdisciplinary methodological platform for  the continued   support and strengthening of clinical research, implementation and translation
  3. A  capacity building, clinical research, implementation and translation training  program

MCHRI  will harness the collective effort and expertise across a   range of clinical  disciplines and research themes within the Advanced   Health Sciences Centre  (including Monash Health and Alfred Health), University Faculties, Independent  Institutes, NGOs and community  groups.   It will engage actively with other sectors including   government and with patients and communities to bring a breadth of expertise and perspectives to address challenges in health, to drive innovation and to deliver improved  patient experience and health outcomes.