Tasmanian Commissioner of Police awards MCHRI researcher

Cate Bailey only joined MCHRI in November 2017 but is already making her mark, working under Professor Helen Skouteris, Cate won the won the Excellence in Research on Improving Law Enforcement for Women’ Award category for the ACWAP Excellence in Policing Awards, Australasian Council of Women and Policing.

The award honours Cate’s outstanding contribution to research that shapes policy and policing activities aimed at protecting Indigenous women and children from sexual abuse. Cate’s research included evaluation of a community engagement program conducted jointly by Western Australian Police and the Department of Child Protection that was successful in improving reporting of, and response to, incidents of child sexual abuse in remote Indigenous communities.

The award was sponsored by Tasmania Police, with Commissioner of Tasmania; Mr Darren Hine bestowing the award  at the 2017 International Women & Law Conference in Cairns, in September 2017.