PhD opportunity

PhD opportunity in COVID-19 Policy, Survey and Behavioural Research

Do your PhD working with researchers at Monash University who are conducting ongoing surveys with a nationally representative sample of Australians and global participants. The research is part of the iCARE international study across 140 countries, now linked to NIH and WHO. It is research that is actively informing governments in Australia and globally. Until a vaccine is developed the only protection we have is effective policy and community behaviour change to prevent the spread of the virus.

To inform the most effective “behavioural vaccine” we are partnering with iCARE to find out what we believe, what we’re actually doing and what motivates and supports us to change behaviours and protect us against COVID-19. This research is helping us to better understand the behaviours, attitudes and knowledge surrounding COVID-19 in Australia and 140 other countries. The survey is available in multiple languages, currently we have surveys from more than 60,000 people globally and we are still going. In Australia we have already collected nationally representative data in two waves in May and July, 2020 (n=2064+). Early results show that 1 in 4 Australians self-reported sub-optimal physical distancing and self-quarantining when unwell. Our research is assisting with creating effective policy to facilitate better adherence to the needed public health measures to control COVID-19.

At the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI) we create, synthesise, implement and translate clinical, health care and public health knowledge, underpinned by cross sector end user engagement, to deliver health impact. MCHRI are part of the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University.

An ideal candidate will have and/or develop during the candidature:

  • An understanding of survey methodology, particularly an understanding of how to analyse surveys using modelling statistical methods
  • Interest in developing analytical skills using large datasets; data science and/or analytics; mixed-effects modelling
  • Interest in using simulation modelling; complexity science; systems science; complex adaptive systems
  • Understanding of disciplines such as psychology and behaviour change theory, for example the theoretical domains framework and COM-B
  • Interest in working in partnership with other organisations and governments to effectively translate findings to create impact by informing policy

For suitable candidates who are eligible for enrolment into a PhD at Monash University:

  • We will support a scholarship application to give the student the best opportunity to conduct this research
  • Domestic students only are eligible to apply

For more information or to apply:


Applications due by: 31 October 2020