Evidence Synthesis and Implementation Program

Head: Dr Marie Misso
Email: marie.misso@monash.edu
Phone: +61 3 8572 2632

Evidence Synthesis Program

As head of the Evidence Synthesis Program, Marie mentors and trains PhD students and clinicians (internally and externally) toconduct rigorous systematic reviews to underpin their research and different types of clinical practice guidelines. She is highly experienced in systematic review and developing evidence-based guidelines, having played a key role in guidelines for osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and advising on the development of evidence-based guidelines in the areas of antenatal care, problem gambling, lung cancer, asthma and CVD in diabetes. Marie has worked with various state, federal and international agencies, including the WHO, and is an active member of the NHMRC Guideline Network and has contributed to the 2011 NMHRC standard for clinical practice guidelines. She has taught evidence-based clinical practice to medical and health science students across all year levels as well as post-graduate students.

Marie currently leads a translation program based around the international evidence-based guideline being developed under the Centre for Research Excellent (CRE) in PCOS. This involves a multi-faceted strategy to translate the evidence from the CRE and the PCOS guideline into easily accessible, geographically tailored, key messages, co-developed with consumers and multi-disciplinary health professionals. A mixed methods approach is being used to inform the translation and guideline implementation strategies and to evaluate their reach and impact amongst women with PCOS and health professionals.

Implementation Program

The Implementation and Training Program aims to consolidate and build a clinical translational research culture at Monash Health.

Capacity building in end user driven research and integration of research into clinical practice are major goals of the program.

The unit provides accessibility for multidisciplinary, non-research active health professionals to high-quality research systems, methodological expertise, advice and support; a multidisciplinary training program in clinical research, translation and implementation that is linked to Monash Health Research Directorate and Ethics programs as well as Monash University programs; and opportunities and support for end user engagement in research including health professionals, consumers and health service management.The training program has been co-designed with broad end user engagement, underpinned by formative research and evaluation. Under this program is a knowledge translation project that seeks to develop, implement and evaluate a training program for clinical staff at all levels of practice and experience and across all disciplines at Monash Health (largest health service in Victoria) to learn how to use and incorporate research into daily practice as well as providing training and support to lead research relevant to their daily practice at the coal face of care. Available training across Monash University and Monash Health has been explored and a mixed methods approach to determine the needs and preferences of Monash Health staff is underway.