Women in Leadership Program - Alfred

Day 1
Date: Tuesday 26June 2018
Time: 9.00am-5.00pm
Location: Seminar Room 1, The Alfred Centre, 99 Commercial Road, Melbourne 3004

Day 2
Date: Wednesday 27 June 2018
Time: 9.00am-5.00pm
Location: Seminar Room 1, The Alfred Centre, 99 Commercial Road, Melbourne 3004

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The purpose of the  program is to inspire, encourage and support Women in Healthcare and Research  to reach their full career potential. This program will explore leadership  mindset and self-awareness, partnership and collaborative skills and strategic  career planning as well as providing supportive networks and partnerships.

The Keys to Leadership
We will explore three key  components of leadership:

  • People
  • Purpose
  • Potential

and discuss the self-awareness, self-care, mindset and behaviours that  create the leadership that is needed in the global context we live and work in.

Change Management
One of the foundational roles of leaders - to keep their  organisation iterating, growing and improving. Change management is not a  stand-alone skill, it is deeply embedded in effective leadership.   This session will give some foundational  steps that leaders who lead change with success use to get buy in and  commitment from others.

Collaboration and  Partnerships 
What are the new definers of  collaboration? 
What are some of the barriers  to forming highly effective collaborations with others?  
What is our role is changing  the paradigm in the research and health space?
How can we support each other in this work?

Career Development
Tapping into the knowledge of  our mentors in the room we will identify areas of growth and development for  ourselves and how to support our career goals.

Hot Topics
Drawing on the leadership  challenges faced by the group, our facilitators and mentors will help us  explore and strategise around them, through group discussion and panel  responses.