Seminar Program 2010

8 DEC Professor Ajay Mahal – View of Global Health
1 DEC DHHS (Caufield)
29 NOV
Bendix Cartensen – Cancer occurrence and duration of diabetes and insulin therapy: A register linkage study in Denmark
Chair: Dr Dianna Magliano
24 NOVAssociate Professor Paul Dietze and Tim Spelman – Working with hidden populations: Recruitment and implications for follow up and analysis
Chair: Damien Jolley
17 NOVAlice Owen – Omega-3 fats and cardiovascular health: an evolving perspective from rats to relative risks
Chair: Associate Professor Chris Reid
11 NOV
The Department of Health Social Science HDR Department Conference
Seminar room H222, Caufield campus
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10 NOV Colin Fee – ICT Updates – Things you NEED to know about Google Apps and Secure Data Transfer
Dr Jason Stein, Assoc Vice Chair for Quality in the Department of Medicine at Emory University – Leveraging Interdisciplinary Teams and Health IT in the Medical Unit
3 NOVPhD reviews: Masoumeh Sanagou, Zoe McQuilten, Victor Hoe
27 OCTPhD seminar: Cameron Gosling – Musculoskeletal Injuries in Australian triathletes: Profiles, perceptions and safety risks for competitor
20 OCTHonours initial presentations:
Kumar Pasupathi – The relationship between obesity, overweight and disability
Harbeer Ahedi – Roles of muscles and biomechanical factors in the development of hip OA
13 OCTDr Cate Lombard – A low intensity, community based lifestyle programme to prevent weight gain in women with young children: cluster randomised controlled trial
11 OCT
Prof Patricia Davidson, Professor of Cardiovascular and Chronic Care at Curtin University – Dyspnoea Management in Chronic Heart Failure
6 OCTDr Anna Peeters – Population health implications of obesity trends in Australia
29 SEPPhD seminar: Danny Hills – Workplace Aggression in Australian Clinical Medical Practice
22 SEPGerard O'Reilly – The Mysterious Case of the Missing Trauma Registry
Dev Mitra – Acute coagulopathy of trauma
15 SEPDr Deborah Glass – OccIDEAS: Exposure assessment for case control studies made easier
Chair: Malcolm Sim
8 SEPAssociate Professor Damien Jolley – Visualising Variables – Validly
Dr Steven Haas – Cardiovascular therapeutic trials and tribulations of drug safety
Judy Lowthian (PhD review) – Increasing demand for emergency patient services: underlying drivers, implications and solutions
25 AUGDr Shelly Jeffcott – What on earth are "human factors" and why should we care anyway
18 AUG Dr Mukesh Hakerwal – The National E-health Initiative
Chair: Prof Just Stoelwinder
11 AUGMarlien Varnfield – Clinical outcomes and feasibility of ICT-assisted self management models for chronic disease management
Alisa Pedrana – Future Directions: Understanding Risk Among Men have Sex with Men In Victoria
4 AUGDr Deborah Zion – Psychiatric Ethics and a Politics of Compassion. The Case of Detained Asylum seekers in Australia.
28 JULKathlyn Ronaldson – Psychiatric patients and a case-control study
Chair: Andrew Tonkin
21 JULMartha Sinclair – The Rouse Hill Project
Chair: Andrew Forbes
14 JULA/Prof Allen Cheng – Evaluating a management algorithm for patients with critical illness in developing countries
24 JUNDemystifying the promotions process at Monash: Research and Academic streams

Professor Ian Smith
, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Research Infrastructure – research
Professor Adam Shoemaker
, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) – teaching
Professor Shaun Jackson
, NHMRC Principal Research Fellow: career development and mentorship
Chair: A/Prof Robin Bell, Associate Dean Research (Clinical, Public and Allied Health)
23 JUNRichard Smith – Public Health to Global Health
Discussant: Prof Brian Oldenburg / Chair: Dr Robert Hall
16 JUNProfessor Just Stoelwinder – The biggest health reform since Medicare
26 MAYProfessor Grant Russell – Understanding primary care performance: mixed methods and new perspectives
19 MAYDr Sue Evans – Starting up a clinical quality registry: pitfalls and key lessons from the prostate cancer registry
12 MAYHonours/BMedSci Presentations
11:50am–12:10pm Nadine Ata (BMedSci)
12:10pm–12:25pm Jessica Harding (BBiomedSci hons)
12:25pm–12:40pm Phuong Nguyen (BBiomedSci hons)
12:40pm–12:55pm Monica Suplewski (BBiomedSci hons)
12 MAYKathlyn Ronaldson – Clozapine Myocarditis
(Discussant: Professor Andrew Tonkin)
5 MAYDr Robyn Woods, Emily Parker – ASPREE Healthy Ageing Biobank
28 APRAngela Rintoul – Improving the health of vulnerable populations: from evidence to practice. A presentation of findings from a series of Victorian Public Health Training Scheme placements focussed on youth justice clients, Afghan women and drug users in Melbourne.
Karen Moore – Evaluating the nature and adoption of evidence in action to address public health priorities
21 APRMarian Abouzeid – Evidence, equity and Health - Contemporary issues in the Australian public health arena
Elizabeth Headley – Health inequalities; population- wide changes in the prevalence of inequalities and their implications
Chebiwot Kipsaina – The context of public health in low-middle income countries
14 APRElla Zomer – Epidemiological modelling of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease
Nathan Grills – The iterative process of project initiation, planning and management in public health: the example of determining the seropositivity of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in Victoria
31 MARKatharine Gibson – Reflections on the role of partnerships in public health practice
Claire Tobin – Exploring the relationships between evidence, public opinion and policy in public health
Susan Heywood – Evidence and policy approaches to address health and social inequities
24 MARElizabeth Moore – Acute kidney injury: Investigating treatments and new markers for its early detection
Adrienne O'Neil – Improving the health and well-being of depressed patients following myocardial infarction (MI)
17 MARHelen Ackland – Cervical Spine MRI Study
Brad Crammond – The Social Justice of Health
17 FEBBridget Pratt – Justice in International Clinical Research
Suree Lekawanvijit – Cardiorenal Syndrome: Pathophysiology and Role of Protein-Bound Uremic Toxins & Biomarkers
3 FEBSoula Fillipas – Exercise and Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Andrew Teichtahl – Physical activity and knee joint structure
Stephanie Tanamas – The relationship between diet, physical activity and obesity, and hip cartilage
27 JANAlisa Higgins – An economic evaluation of resuscitation in sepsis
Judy Gold – The medium and the message: An investigation of how youth access, interpret and implement sexual health information