Seminar Program 2014

SPHPM seminars are held on Wednesdays from 2pm to 3pm in The Alfred Centre seminar rooms, unless otherwise stated.

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21 MAY

Enhancing privacy principles

Mr David Morrison, CIDMU, SPHPM

Mr David Morrison is the Systems Development Manager for the Clinical Informatics and Data Management Unit (CIDMU) at Monash University. He has spent the last nine years working in Clinical Informatics. He has been instrumental in developing the Clinical Registry Platform Architecture that conforms to ISO 27001 standards and is an author of “Quality Clinical Registries” technical standards on behalf of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Heath Care. David leads a team of one Business Analyst, thirteen Software Developers and three Database Analysts. He and his team have developed and continue to maintain over 30 quality clinical registries.



Prof Denis Xavier – Head of Pharmacology and Coordinator of the Division of Clinical Research and Training at St John's Medical College and Research Institute in Bangalore Chair: Dr John Varigos

Seminar Room 1


Dr Carol Holden – CEO, Andrology Australia

28 APR

Prof Joachim Heinrich – Director Institute of Epidemiology I, Helmholtz Centre Munich

Joachim Heinrich is an epidemiologist and Director of the Institute of Epidemiology I at Helmholtzzentrum München, The German Research Centre for Environmental Health. He has authored more than 500 publications and has been involved in numerous national and international epidemiological research projects examining a broad spectrum of common chronic diseases, specifically the relationship between air pollution and respiratory health.

12 MAR

Waiting for Godot? How long does it take to get research evidence into clinical practice guidelines and practice?

Professor Jeremy Grimshaw – Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa, Canada

Level 5 Lecture Theatre, The Alfred Centre

26 FEB

Recommendations for the shortening of self-report questionnaires: steps for gaining time without losing quality

Professor Francis Guillemin – Professor of Epidemiology, Health Economics and Prevention at the School of Public health, University of Lorraine (Nancy, France)

Level 5 Lecture Theatre, The Alfred Centre

18 FEB


Getting manuscripts published: faith based or evidence based?

Dr David Moher – Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Level 5 Lecture Theatre, The Alfred Centre