Australian Trauma Registry (ATR)

Academic Lead:Professor Peter Cameron
Professor of Emergency, Monash University, and Academic Director of The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre
Clinical Leads: Professor Mark Fitzgerald, National Trauma Research Institute
Professor Kate Curtis, University of Sydney
Registry Contact: Emily McKie, Registry Manager
Phone: +61 3 9903 0889
Purpose / Aims: The ATR is a part of the Australian Trauma Quality Improvement Program (AusTQIP), which aims to develop and implement a national program to further improve the quality and safety of trauma care across Australia. Currently, 27 hospitals, designated as major trauma centres (MTCs), are part of the collaboration, and submit quarterly data to the registry. Most recently, New Zealand has joined the collaboration, making the ATR a bi-national trauma registry.
Population Captured: All trauma patients who present to one of the designated trauma centres with an injury severity score (ISS) greater than 12 or death after injury.
Outcomes Collected: ATR data is defined by the Bi-National Trauma Minimum Dataset. The dataset includes but is not limited to the details of the injury event, pre-hospital observations, injuries sustained, treatments received, in-hospital observations and discharge status.
Funding Source: Federal Department of Health and Federal Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics